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I hated the thought of having to send my boys to school. It was not that I wanted to stop them from learning and discovering so many new skills and facts, or prevent them form socialising with other children, I just wanted them to stay at home with me. We three against the world in our own little bubble. I did not want to think about it too much because it was upsetting for me, and I cried when both boys went, but more so with Jenson – it took me 3 days to stop crying!

Of course, now I am in the swing of them attending school, I am over all that worry now and actually like having some time for me while they are busy learning at school.  I am amazed by how much they have leant in such a short time, and a lot of that is down to them, but also it is down to their school. When their Daddy and I had to apply for their school, we were very lucky because we got our first choice. However, I know that for many parents this is not always the case, and it can be a real struggle getting the right school for your child.

Well, what if there was one website you could visit that contained all of the the information you required to assist you in locating the best school for your child? A website that accounted for the ever changing catchment areas?

Well, that website is School Reviewer,


This informative website contains a database of over 42,000 schools, nurseries and colleges, to make our lives as parents much easier as we embark on the educational journey together with our children. From researching the best place to educate our children 



to assisting them with their homework and revision, and preparing ourselves for what is to come as our children progress through their schooling. From their first day in reception until those exams at the end. 


Not only does School Reviewer help you to decide where to send you child, it will also then guide you through you and your child’s schooling journey, offering help and advice when it comes to things such as school forums, downloadable videos for GCSE math’s (this will prove to be VERY helpful for a former Maths hater who is dreading helping her children with their maths homework and revision!), SATS (now that Burton is in KS2 this will be a great resource for us) and 11+ papers, plus a buy and sell section, and access to local tutors (unsurprisingly based on my comment earlier, I had a maths tutor when I was at secondary school).

Packed full of useful articles, such as tips for back to school, a parents guide to social media (including how to deal with your children and their presence on it, which is VERY useful in this day and age) and how to cope with their first day of school, School Reviewer really is the one stop place for all your parenting needs as your child fulfils his or hers educational journey.

How will School Reviewer help you?

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  1. Quality affects entire generation in every field. High exposure of quality content get students to learn in effective way and in understandable approach.Learning in a reputated firm that boost your Knowledge from ground to a certain level will make you to attend exams like GCSE to checking the performance in our subject.

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