Project 366, 2016. Week 36

So it was back to school on Monday, and as I commented to a fellow Mum waiting to collect her children yesterday at sometime, I cannot believe how fast this first week back has gone! In a flash, that’s what!

Therefore, we are now back in a routine of sorts already and it feels like we did to have a summer break.  Anyway, here is a look back at our week:









Sunday – a lazy day before the return to school. Our new bathroom is finished now so Jenson volunteered to test it out, we have not had the use of a bath since the Easter holidays!

Monday – yep back to school and due to the rain, our photo was taken indoors this year.

Tuesday – Copper discovered the football in the garden and he loves it!

Wednesday – tooth number 4 is free! It came out while Burton was eating his packed lunch!

Thursday – A lovely afternoon after school so the boys enjoyed an ice lolly in the garden (and made silly faces!)

Friday – a trip to the work after school

Saturday – we took Copper on his first walk and he loved it (he ha also been sleeping a lot since we returned) 


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  1. Aw, Copper is gorgeous. Looks like after school has been good with park and ice lollies. It really has whizzed by so quickly that first week back at school.

  2. Lovely to see Cooper well enough to be out for a walk. He looks very cute with the football.
    I miss our bath, shower room only here.
    Make the most of light dry nights after school as they will be gone soon.

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