#GBBOBloggers2016 Week 4: Batter – Star Baker & Round Up

So week 4 saw a first in the history of GBBO because batter was a theme and the categories were:

Savoury Filled Yorkshire Puddings
Lacy Pancakes

Thank you to everyone who took the time to make some batter this week and link up – there were some truly delicious looking and sounding creations, and I was very impressed by the creativity that was shared with all of the flavours and fillings you all devised for your batter bakes.

Before, I reveal my favourites, I wanted to share with you a competition that Renshaw are hosting in line with the GBBO through out the rest of the series. Do head over to see some tempting eclairs and chose your winner.


So back to batter week and the Star Bakers:

It was hard having to narrow the recipes down to 3 favourites and after much rumbling in my tummy last night , here are the three Star Bakers

Yorkshire Puddings
There were some tasty looking savoury filled Yorkies, but in the end I am going with this beautiful recipe for sweet filled Vanilla Sautéed Pear & Walnuts and Blackberry Coulis Yorkshire Puddings , which are also gluten and dairy free. How autumnal do these look?


Lacy Pancakes
3 of you went for this challenge and you all did really well, as personally I think they are a bit of a faff and although the look pretty, you do not get as much pancake on your plate as you would with a regular shaped pancake! I think these pancakes were the best of the three


Lots of you made these Spanish sweet treats, and I am gutted to have never eaten any because after seeing all of the amazing ones that were made by the #GBBOBloggers2016 I really want to try some now! There were a mixture of shares and sizes and flavours, but in the end I think these pinwheel shaped churros were my favourite and I like the fact that they are made using yogurt in place of eggs.


Well done to you three – Star Baker badge to follow if you would like one

Looking forward to seeing your pastry creations next 🙂

I was asked to include a link to Renshaws in return for some baking items

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