Project 366, 2016. Week 5


What a wet day today has been! I am seriously fed up with all of the wet weather now, and would love some crisp, cold, dry and sunny days!! Not much of a winter so far it has to be said, and while I do not like having to defrost my car I would rather that than all this rain!

So this week has not been very exciting (again!) which is reflected in my photos! Anyway, here is a look back at our week that was.

Sunday – playing a game of Frustration kind of sums up the day! It rained all day so it was a day spent at home watching films and playing bored (ha!) games.

Monday – Burton’s project. He had to make a 3D model of something from the village in which his school is in. We made the old bakery out of bread!

Tuesday – a trip to the park after school before it rained!

Wednesday – introduced the boys to hot chocolate in the hopes of getting them to sleep quicker (hmmm didn’t really work!)

Thursday – Jenson’s self portrait

Friday – Burton got his gold star badge today

Saturday – dreadfully wet day so after swimming and visiting Granma briefly, we went out for lunch

Hope you all had a good week x

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  1. It’s been awfully wet this year hasn’t it? I don’t mind crisp, sunny days but I loathe the dampness and wet that we’ve had. Well done on managing to get at least one trip outside though, I can’t quite remember when we had our last one now! Making the bakery out of bread was a superb idea.

  2. Saturday was so wet, wasn’t it? Making a bakery out of bread is a genius idea! Well done to the boys on the gold star and the lovely self-portrait.
    Roll on some better weather!

  3. The weather is so miserable isn’t it! I am fed up of it too. I love the bakery made of bread, well done it looks great and instead of it hanging around you can just eat it! Hope you all have a lovely week xx

  4. Saturday was dreadfully wet here too. At least I don’t have 2 young boys to keep entertained any more!! 🙂
    Love the self-portrait of Jenson, Glad he captured his smiley face.

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