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We are now living in an age where motivational quotes are beginning to saturate every facet of our daily lives. There is literally a quote for just about anything. Many take comfort in quotes as they symbolise a beacon of hope or inspiration to keep focused and reach your goals. The real question is, do quotes work, or, is this just a myth?

The answer is simply down to who you are, some people look upon quotes as a waste of time, however, many view them as genuine factors of inspiration encouraging you to get up and go, so it really is down to who you are and what you believe.

There’s nothing nicer than starting the day with positive thoughts, we are all however, very guilty of not stopping to remind ourselves this. As a result of this, there has never been a better time to create your own Motivational Quote/Message board. This will ensure you leave the house every morning with a positive thought to help motivate you for the day ahead.

First decide where the best place to have your motivational board is. The two best places would be either the Kitchen or Hallway. Having a motivational board in your kitchen will add character to the kitchen, you usually find that the kitchen is also the first room properly used on a morning, for breakfast or general preparations. It would be a great idea to have your board in view for when you and your family are sat down to breakfast, plus it’s a great thing to have a group discussion about. If you decided to place your board in the hallway it will ensure that everybody sees the board as they enter and leave the house, adding a little more detail to the halls décor and motivating anybody who enters your home.

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Another great way to use a whiteboard in your room, if you’re not as keen on the quote idea, would be to use the board to display recipes for your little ones to help read and tick off each stage as you go along. This will help create interaction between the youngsters and baking helping them really learn the steps taken. You could also use it to create a “to do list” or a “shopping list”. These will all add a little extra to your kitchen and get your whole family interacting through the board.

When it comes to purchasing your board, your best using something with a wipe-able surface. Have a look at whiteboards or dry wipe boards. You can be really creative too, once you’ve chosen your board why not invest in some gorgeous colours whiteboard markers. There are hundreds on the market, from pastel colours to bright colours and this will help ensure the board stands out and makes an impact.

Just one thing to remember, keep on top of changing the quote. Some like to do daily quotes, or if you’re busier you could have ‘quote of the week’ or even ‘quote of the month’.

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  • Hey Jenny, I think motivational quotes can work for some people, it’s just a question of what inspires them. Sometimes you need that bit of a push when you’ve set yourself certain goals.

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