Top 5 alternative recipes to cook in your kitchen this Christmas


Traditional Christmas turkey is not always appreciated by family members and invited friends. Some individuals are allergic to turkey, while others just do not enjoy the flavour. This year, create an alternative main course and watch as this change in menu is accepted with gusto.

A new Ramsbottom Kitchen, filled with Neff Kitchen appliances, will expand the memory of this challenge by making preparation smooth and trouble-free.

Rolled Beef Rib Roast
Succulent roast beef is a welcome surprise on any holiday table. Add a side of horseradish sauce and the entré is complete. Keeping juices locked inside the meat is the most important step in making sure that a rib roast stays rich and succulent. While the meat is cooking, checking the temperature with a thermometer, placed inside the center of the meat, lets you tell when rare or medium-rare status has been achieved. The Neff Slide & Hide Oven is perfect for routine checking without having to remove an 8-10 pound roast.

Beef Wellington
What a beautiful display this recipe will make on your holiday table. Filet Mignon, wrapped in a crepe that has been seasoned with herbs, will brings tantalizing scents from your kitchen even before served. They will never know what a joy this entré was to prepare with your new Quooker Boiling Water Tap in making the crust, or the searing of the meat on your range cooker. Make ahead dips can be stored in your American Style Fridge, knowing they will stay perfect until the big moment of presentation with the Beef Wellington.

Roasted Leg of Lamb in Sloe Gin
Bring out the celebration in historic style by serving lamb. A reminder of the tenderness of the season, lamb could easily become a new tradition. Even if this is your first attempt of cooking this delicate meat, the help from your RamsbottomKitchen will not let you down. Slashes in the skin and frequent basting, is the secret to the rich and tangy flavour of this meat. All the while you are thankful for your new Neff Slide & Hide Oven for easy access.

Peking Roast Duck
Male guests may think of a recent shoot and start a conversation when this delectable bird is placed on the table. This is not a dish for the beginner, but if you have perfected the method, the meal will never be forgotten. In practicing your technique, your new Dishwasher has probably received a real work out, but it will be so worth it in the end. The Chinese are skilled in puffing up the skin of the duck and drying it to perfection. Although you may never achieve such success, having a new American Style Fridge will aid in the drying process to make the skin as crispy and succulent as any restaurant.

Vegetarian Honey-Glazed Tart
Vegetarians will not be left to consume salads this Christmas when this meatless pie of fried shallots and honey, in a flaky puff pastry is presented. Balsamic vinegar adds a zest to the flavour and the overall appearance is exquisite. Working with melted butter and honey is always messy, but not when the Quooker Boiling Water Tap and a great Dishwasher are close by.

There is no standard rule that says the same traditional dishes have to be served each Christmas. Try one of these top 5 alternative recipes to cook in your kitchen this Christmas and enjoy the great features and new appliances of your new Ramsbottom kitchen.

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