Project 365, 2015. Week 51

Wow! Can you believe that the Christmas holidays have started, and that by this time next week it will all be over! The time really has whizzed past, as has this year which is also almost over!

This week has seen a busy festive week at school for the boys with Christmas parties, Christmas dinners and Christmas jumper day. Jenson got his bronze badge at last, which he should have got 2 weeks ago but the school ran out and had to re-order! We also visited our garden centre a couple of times after school for some colouring in for Santa and a visit to the winter wonderland display. Not to mention the new Star Wars film, which marked the boys having a Star Wars sticker album  each, and then us taking them to see The Force Awakens today!!! 

Here is a look back at our week









Wishing you all a lovely week and a Merry Christmas x

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  1. Did they enjoy Star Wars? I am sending hubby and Kian as not sure Isaac is old enough to sit through it. I love the Gruffalo jumper too – where is it from?

  2. I hope they enjoyed the film and it was not too long for them.
    Lots of nice Christmas stuff going on here, a lovely way of building the excitement.
    Laughed at the poses under the bridge, and love the Gruffalo jumper.

  3. Very cute Gruffalo jumper! How did it go at the movies? I didn’t realise they’d let younger kids to watch Star Wars. My 5-year-old keeps asking me to take him to the cinema, but I wonder if he’d get too scared.

  4. I went to see Star Wars with my dad last Friday, and loved it!! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year x

  5. Hope you all enjoyed the film. I don’t want to see it at all, but my husband will take the boys. Love that your boys get so much pleasure from spending time at the garden centre. Enjoy those simple pleasures while they last!
    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. x

  6. Lovely week on the run up to Christmas. Love the photo of the boys in the tunnel.
    WIshing you all a Very Merry Christmas. x

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