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Ways To Enjoy Coffee


I love tea and consider myself quite the tea drinker, but there is something about the smell of freshly made coffee that is so enticing. I have to admit that for me visiting a well known chain of coffee shop is quite the treat. A place I really used to enjoy going pre children, where I would meet with a friend and enjoy a flavoured latte with a cake and relax and have a good chin wag. 

However, although I would still consider visiting a coffee shop a treat now I am a Mum, it is not quite the same with children as it was before because it is not the relaxing place I remember it as being LOL. Still, now they are both at school maybe my little me and coffee time can be resumed! My blogging friend Michelle appreciates how special having a little ‘me’ time can be sipping her favourite coffee in beautiful surroundings  I consider myself one of the luckiest girls in the world as where I live we have an 18th century Orangery with the oldest camellias in the country. This my favourite place to have a capuccino and savoury scone.  

I do love a speciality latte the best, I think caramel or gingerbread are my favourite flavours , but what type of coffee do you like?  Carolin is like me, although not a massive coffee drinker she does love Latte Macchiato. I love how milky it is despite not liking milk (yes, I’m a living conundrum) and the creamy foam topping beautifully balances out the strong Italian espresso. It’s delicious! However Tanya LOVES coffee and explains that to make the perfect cup of coffee  it has to be all about the coffee bean. Roasted no more than two weeks ago so you get the oil, bit de caff as the water extraction process wrecks the flavour. And made in a proper machine to your taste. Drunk in a Sunday morning at the kitchen table is pretty damn perfect


Coffee adds great flavour in baking and desserts, and here are some of my favourite recipes that incorporate coffee :

coffee & butterscotch cupcakes

 coffee and butterscotch cupcakes are heavenly 


Coffee Vodka and Boozy Mocha Mousse 


tempting coffee trifle


Rich Mocha Cake with Belgium Chocolate Buttercream


The best coffee icing and this espresso buttercream are both perfect for topping your coffee, vanilla or chocolate sponge cakes with. 

Drinking or eating coffee is a great excuse to meet up with friends and have a good catch up, and Penny has written about a special Macmillan Coffee Morning she organised,  where she also shares a recipe for a Lavazza Coffee Chocolate Cake too.


I definitely believe that sharing a coffee with friends is the best way to enjoy one. Although as Donna reveals , maybe a coffee shop is not always the best place because her husband left me for a bird he met in Costa (probably not the funniest story – but I’m laughing about it now! Ooooops!

What is your favourite way/place/person to share a coffee?

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