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Project 365 2015, Week 37


Well what an emotional week it has been, all because this little monkey and his big monkey owner started school on Thursday. I was devastated and still feel like I could cry if I think about it too much, even now! So, moving on swiftly…………

Luckily the first part of the week saw glorious weather so I was able to make the most of Jenson’s last few days at home as my pre schooler and I had some wonderful mummy and Jenson time. Here is my week in photos:

Sunday – we visited Grandma and Grampy and played outside in the sunshine. Here is Burton practising cartwheels


Monday – I took Jenson to Instow beach for some beach play, out for lunch and an ice cream


Tuesday – we met with a friend and her son who will be in the same class as Jenson, and we went to the outdoor swimming pool at Bideford Park


Wednesday – didn’t do a great deal as the weather was not great, but we did go to the park and we snuggled up to watch The Lion King before the school pick up.


Thursday – *sighs* so now I am a Mummy of two school boys.


Friday – a trip to the park after school. Burton knows how to climb this tree now – too high for my liking to be honest!


Saturday – there is always someone to lick the spoon when I am baking!


Hope you all had a good week x

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  1. Big hugs to you and and a huge well done to Jenson for starting school. I think its going to take a good few weeks for us all to get used to it. But he does look so adorable in his uniform and I hope Monkey takes it well next week x

  2. It is so hard when they start school isn’t it. I felt he same this week as Eliza started reception and Sebby playschool. Love the spoon licking pic xx

  3. I can’t believe that Jenson’s at school now. A tough week for you. Must seem strange to have an empty house to come home too. Jenson seems to be taking it in his stride.

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