Project 365 2015, Week 33


Wow! Another week of the holidays have gone and it hit me the other day that we are over the half way point already, which is actually quite sad! I mean we have had some wet days, and the boys have driven me crazy a bit – ok a lot,but on the whole I do love having them both around (and I do not miss the school runs!)

Here is a look back on our week in photos:

Sunday -making most of the sunshine 


Monday – biscuit making (recipe is posted below this post)


Tuesday – I took the boys swimming (I never take them swimming by myself!)


Wednesday – a visit to Knighthayes (National Trust) were we met my Mum and Shadow (dog)


Thursday – soft play (where Jenson went missing for almost an hour, except I did not know this for 1/2 hour as i thought he was with Burton and his cousins! After a frantic search of the place and tannoy announcements, and the sickest feeling I have ever had in my stomach before, I found him locked inside the disabled/baby changing toilet! Poor boy he looked so distraught – he must have been in there for ages!)


Friday – a quick trip to the park with friends inbetween the showers


Saturday – new beds!!


I hope your week was good x 

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  1. Ooh I’m loving the new beds and the space ship covers. I thought about the halfway thing this week too, that’s sort of flown by hasn’t it? The next few weeks need to go slowly!

  2. Oh my goodness! I felt sick for you reading about Jenson going missing. That must have been awful.
    Lovely photo of the boys with the cookies and those new beds look so comfy!
    My daughter asked me on Friday if we were nearly halfway through the holidays. She was gutted when I told her we were well over halfway through!

  3. I love your new bunk beds – very smart. I want to take mine swimming but our local pool insist on one parent per child under 8 which makes it impossible. Glad you found Jenson and hope that he got over being locked in the toilet – I would have been terrified too xx

  4. Fun week! Loving their new bunk beds, fab! I know what you mean about the holidays, as much as it drives me mad having them all at home, I miss E when he goes back to school.

  5. Nice beds, covers and curtains. Oh no at Jenson going missing, it is a real real horrible feeling, glad all turned out ok in the end, and what a shame he was stuck.
    It is lovely to have them off, and for all the do become irritating it is still nice to have them.
    The National Trust properties round here are fab.

  6. Very nice new beds. My two shared a room until they were around 11 and 9.
    Oh poor Jenson, it’s a scary time when they go missing. Glad he was safe and well.

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