Project 365 2015, Week 25

IMG_0563 (2)

This week seems to have flown past, and I cannot believe that June is almost over!! 

This week has seen a visit to  Arlington Court for a picnic, a trip to the park almost every afternoon after school to make the most of the sunshine. Burton had his class assembly which was all about Super Heroes, adjectives and onomatopoeia (which he can spell out loud now, whereas I have trouble even saying it!). Jenson had his pre school sports day, and what a difference from last year as this time around he won all of his races, bless him.

Here is my week in photos:

IMG_0566 (1)

IMG_0567 (1)

IMG_0565 (1)

IMG_0563 (2)

IMG_0538 (1)

IMG_0564 (1)


Until next time xx

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  1. Love the photo with the medal. Impressed that he can spell that word – I’m not even going to attempt it! I can’t even say it, either!

  2. Lots of lovely outdoor shots for the boys this week. Impressed by Burton’s spelling skills – I couldn’t even try to spell that word.

  3. Wow I’m not sure I could spell onomatopoeia without looking at it, well done to him and sorts day sounds like it had a very good result 🙂

  4. Nice to see all the outdoor pictures, you have had better weather than us.
    Well done on all the race wins, though they say it is the taking par that counts.
    Well done Burton on the class assembly, sound very impressive.

  5. Way to go Jenson on his races win and way to go Burton on spelling that word. Very impressive. Another great week and I know the week’s are flying by x

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