Gran’s Advice for Making Your Money Go Further


Sometimes young people today think they know everything, but when they find themselves running out of money, they remember the thrifty advice of their frugal gran. It turns out the old lady had a lot to teach us about making money go further.

1 – Reduce Your Utility Bills

Monthly bills can take a large slice out of your income, so it’s worth doing the research to save money. Whether it is wearing extra layers in the winter or else switching to a new supplier, there are a wide variety of ways to reduce gas and electricity bills, sometimes by as much as 50%.

2 – Mobile Costs

Whether it’s for your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer, more and more people are spending their hard-earned pounds on acquiring mobile data and voice services. By comparing the offers and promotions from different providers, users can lower their monthly bill.

3 – Consider Transportation

It doesn’t seem like much money per day, but when you add it all up at the end of the year, it costs us quite a lot of money to get from one place to another. Whether a person can avoid the expense and hassle of driving an automobile by switching to a bicycle, or else use more buses and trains, usually there’s always a way to save money on transportation. Many thrifty Britons have discovered that they can walk much further than they initially estimated, using the ultimate low-cost solution for their commute to work.

4 – Get Rid of that Awful Debt

Whether due to profligate spending or exigent necessities, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to carry a lot of personal debt. While no immediate options for paying off debts in full may be available, people with several debts to different entities can potentially save a lot of money by using a debt consolidation secured loan. In one move, people reduce their payments to one low monthly sum while simultaneously getting creditors off of their back.

5 – Eat at Home

When gran says eat at home, she doesn’t mean rely on takeaway and delivery. She means getting into the kitchen, rolling up your sleeves, and making a proper meal. While many people initially resist cooking, thinking it is too difficult a task, they soon find that they can economically eat a wide range of satisfying meals for far less cost than restaurants and fast food kiosks.

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