Meet Tilly


This is Tilly our new cat and first family pet. Well, apart from the goldfish of course, but as the boys tell me often, fish don’t walk or want cuddles!!!

I have to be honest, I did not intend having a cat or indeed any new pet. The OH and the boys have been saying for ages about how it might be nice to have a dog, but as much as I do like them and enjoyed having them as pets myself while I grew up, I just feel that a dog is a big committment and I am in no rush to get one. Besides it would be me doing all of the work, and while I am all for going out for walks, it would be hard being on my own with the boys in the week as I wouldn’t be able to take to out at night. Plus living close to a busy road it wouldn’t be easy with the boys in tow in the day walking it either!!!

So back to Tilly.

Well someone I know from playgroup was saying that she was going to have to give her kitten up for adoption, as her circumstances had changed now and she was not at home enough to look after it, or give it the cuddles and attention she loves to have. Now I had no idea that my OH would say yes when I asked, but I thought I would suggest that we adopted the cat as she is still young, she will be one next month, and was used to young children and was very sociable. When he said yes, I was not expecting it , so I was thrilled for the boys because I knew they would be so excited!




We collected her a week last Saturday and she did spend that weekend hiding away a bit, but by Monday she was happily sitting with us and following us around the house and being so friendly and acting as if she has been with us forever! The boys adore her and she loves them too. I love how she sleeps in their room at night or just outside in the hallway.


We kept her in for a week, but she is used to going outside so last weekend we took her out into the garden to explore her new surroundings and she loved it! Here she is being an action cat

Tilly2 Tilly3 Tilly4 Tilly5 Tilly6 Tilly7Tilly8


She has settled in so well and it is nice having a pet, even if she does keep jumping up on the kitchen counter and getting inside my kitchen cupboard!!!




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  1. Aww I must have completely missed this. How fantastic! Cats are amazing pets and they always know when you need a cuddle! She looks right at home with you too x

  2. Awww she is beautiful! We have 3 cats and they can be a bit of a pain sometimes when they start clawing at the furniture or chasing each other at 3am but they are part of the family and we would be lost without them. Tilly is lucky to have found a loving new home x

  3. Tilly is just adorable!! We are looking for a kitten at the moment too, I was a little apprehensive about it but I think it’s nice for the kids to have a pet and cats are definitely lower maintenance than dogs! I love those pics of her on the roof!

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