Dinosaur Dinner Adventure – Making Meal Times Fun


I have made no secret about how fussy my boys can be when it comes to meal times. They do eat a varied and nutritious range of foods BUT they are reluctant to try new foods, and tend to stick with what they know they like. It can be exasperating, but I keep remembering that I was a fussy eater when I was small (sorry Mum!!), and it all changed once I became older. 

From time to time I think it is fun to present the boys a meal which is a little more creative and hopefully will encourage them to eat most of what is on their plates. Using Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs, it is very easy to capture their imaginations and create a dinosaur adventure for them to eat.

To make this Dinsosaur Adventure Meal you will need
*turkey dinosaurs (each pack contains 3 different types of dinosaurs)
*broccoli bushes
*asparagus trees
*mash potato volcano
*carrot rocks
*sweetorn gravel
*tomato sauce lava
*grated cucumber grass




 IMG_0255 (1)


If you like getting creative at meal times, or fancy giving it a go for the first time, why not enter a competition that Bernard Matthews are hosting to make meal times fun



You might even recognise a few faces while you are over there!!!


I have written this post as I am a Bernard Matthews family panel member

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  1. I hope they ate that, it looks fab! I am a touch disappointed that there is no michael Jackson ketchup hair this time though!

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