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Project 365 2015 #4


Another week has flown by and I cannot believe it is almost the end of January already!!!  This week saw OH return to work which meant him being away all week again, and our lounge has now been skimmed and is drying out ready to be painted hopefully next weekend 🙂

 The weather has been much colder this week – Monday was so frozen first thing that the inside of the windscreen  on my car was frozen, my heater wouldn’t work due to the cold, and my passenger door wouldn’t shut due to the cold either!!! We were late that morning!

Anyway, here is our week in photos:






Making Wind




Bath Beards



Park After School


Feeding Seagulls (no ducks turned up!)


Snacking After Swimming



I hope your week was good x 

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  1. It all feels very much back to normal doesn’t it? Hope the decoratings going well. It’s bloomin freezing up here too. I’m a bit sick of the snow now.

  2. We have had a lot of ice too. Even when I think I’ve got it cleared in advance, there still seems to be a while of sitting in the car waiting before I can drive off. Love the bath beards shot. We must get the shaving foam out for a play.

  3. Lovely photos. I especially like the seagull pic and I’m very impressed with the peeling! I think I need to get my kids to help out more too! Look forward to seeing photos of your lounge 🙂

  4. I can’t believe January is nearly over either. The month is flying by and I haven’t got half as much done as I was hoping to!
    Love the seagull picture. My girls think seagulls are better than ducks because they like how they swoop and catch the food in mid air!

  5. lots of lovely outdoor pictures this week. You might not find ducks but you will ALWAYS find scrounging seagulls, they really annoy me.
    Hope you manage not to miss hubby to much, I use to hate it when mine worked away especially when the kids were young.
    laughed at the beard pictures, so funny.

  6. Oh my, the car situation sounds awful. We were almost late this week because the car was all icy and we ran out of de-icer! Nightmare.
    Loving the bath beards. Jenson is hilarious xx

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