Project 365 2015 #2

So it had to happen, the Christmas holidays came to and end and it was back to school for Burton on Tuesday and pre school on Thursday for Jenson. I was sad to see them go to be honest, because we had enjoyed a lovely break together. Oh and because I hate the school runs each morning!!!!

Still we had a good week for photos and I was spoilt for choice which hasnt happened for a few weeks! Here is our week in photos:

I took the boys to Instow in the morning so that they could use their sandcastle making equiment from Father Christmas, which they have been asking to do since Boxing Day! By the end they were jumping off and sliding down the sand dunes! (Post to follow)


Daddy still has a fortnight before he has to start his new job so her decided to start rennovating the lounge today (like you do!), and he had two willing little helpers!!


With Burton back to school, Jenson and I took a visit to the park.


Last Christmas Father Christmas gave Burton some Usbourne books with lots of questions and answers using lots of flaps to reveal the illutrations and answers. At long last, I have dug them out of the cupboard and the boys enjoyed learning and telling us some new facts tonight.
IMG_0186 (1)

I took the boys to Tesco and while browsing the clothes sale, they took great delight in “choosing” some new knickers for me!!! Cheeky monkeys!


Burton wore his new pj’s tonight which I picked up from Tesco last night , and are really cool because on the reverse is a Buzz version!IMG_0187a

I took the boys to their swimming lessons this morning for a change and here they are just before they went in.


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  1. Ha they will make great shopping assistants and they are some wicked cool Pjs. I must get mine back into swimming, his lessons finished in November.

  2. So nice to have a choice of photos! You’ve got some lovely ones here, whereas a lot of us are still struggling with the winter and the post-Christmas lull. The pic with the knickers is very funny and I love the new pyjamas 🙂

  3. a good choice in pants I woud say….lol
    Love the giggly pre swimming picture, they seem happy together.
    The beach looks like fun, and is never too cold to go and have some fresh air.
    Daddy looks like he was making a lot of noise

  4. The boys choice of knickers – oh dear.. don’t think I’d want to parade about with a tiger covering my bits!!
    Loving the Woody PJs.

  5. Fab photos, I can imagine my children did the same when Christmas shopping for me, as I had Batgirl ones turn up in my stocking! Love the beach shot.

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