Project 365 2015 #1

Project 365 2015 #1

So I am entering into my 4th year of project 365 (ie. taking a photo a day, every day for a year for those who do not know what this entails!), which is a lovely way of capturing the every day memories of my life with Burton and Jenson, and watching them grow and change on my blog. This first week is a short one as the new year only started on Thursday, so I only have 3 photos with which to begin my new project 365.

So far this new year we have had a lovely few days and I really will be sorry when the school run returns next week, as we are all enjoying some extra time in bed at the moment 🙂

Here is my week in photos:

New Years Day (Thursday)
The boys did not wake up until 9am – this NEVER happens but was good seeing as though I didn’t get to sleep until nearly 1.30am!!! I cooked roast beef for dinner and some friends came round to see us, and sadly it was too wet to go to the park. Here are the boys enjoying their bath with their crazy foam soap that Father Christmas gave them.IMG_1815Friday 2nd
We visted my (paternal) grandparents today who live in Thatcham, and it was our first visit since July 2012. My Nanny was chuffed to bits to see us and the boys were so good. My Na is in a nursing home now, just down the road, so we went to see him before we set off back home and he was very pleased to see us too. It was a lovely day.  IMG_1816 (1) Saturday 3rd
A very wet day today so I decided to take the boys to the cinema, as I have been wanting to see Paddington since its release!! What a delightful film and we all enjoyed it!paddingtontrip

Happy New Year x

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