Fast Fajitas


Sometimes you just want to feed the family quickly and without much effort, while at the same time ensuring that they are being given something nutritional and tasty.  There are some days when I have been rushing around ,and not thought far enough ahead to have prepared a meal, and these are the times that I need ingredients that I can grab, cook and eat in less than 20 minutes.

Well these fajitas are something that can be made and brought to the table for your hungry family in about 15 minutes which is perfect for busy days.  By using ready cooked roast turkey breast, you save a lot of cooking time and make savings too as it is cheaper to buy then raw poultry. Obviously, you can add some extras to the plate like potatoes if your family are extra hungry, but for these Fast Fajitas alone here is how you can make them in record time!


 To make them you will need:


Then simply:

Chop the spring onions and peppers
Add some oil to a non stick pan over a moderate heat, and add the chopped vegetables
Cook for 5 minutes until softened
Take a wrap and spread some salsa across the middle
Cover with a layer of cooked vegetables
Top with some strips of the Bernard Matthews Roast Turkey Breast Chunks
Fold the wrap and cut in two
I served mine with a salad garnish





I only had one wrap on my plate, as my boys would too, but my OH can easily eat 2 or 3 of these!! I was impressed with how tasty they were and the cooked roast turkey breast chunks were really moist ,and, perfect for someone following a Slimming World eating plan like myself, as they are free!!!  Plus to feed this to my family cost less than £6 – so good value too. 

The only dilema is how to wrap the fajita, as everyone has their own way of rolling wraps!!! I tend to tuck the ends in and roll it and then cut it in half, whereas my OH rolls it while tucking on one end only, and then eats it whole! 

How do you fold yours?

I was provided with the ingredients used to make this meal.

I was asked to write about this as I am a Bernard Matthews parent blogger

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