Project 365 #47 (17th-23rd November, 2014)

Well I feel knackered tonight as I write this post! It feels like a whirlwind of a week dominated by the school Christmas Fayre and, as a member of its PTA, and appointed to over see the catering for the fayre, I, along with some other mum’s, have spent the week preparing food for it! It was well worth all of our hard work, because it was great and as the first Christmas Fayre that the school has had, it is fair to say it was a success and we will be doing it again. BUUUUT my goodness me I have felt tired today!

This week looked a bit like this:

It started with a lovely bike ride around Whistleland Pound last Sunday
IMG_1697 (1)

A sofa and onesie day
(Burton had been sick in the night so we all had a day at home but it all got a bit too much in the afternoon after they fell out with each other over the iPad!)IMG_1698 (1)

A wet day meant a playdough ice cream making dayjplaydoughteeny

Sunshine after school so a trip to the nearby parkparkboysschool

How much veg?
(Riverford Organic Farms very kindly donated some veg for the PTA to make soup for the Christmas Fayre – they sent so much! The leftovers are being taken to the local homeless shelter Monday)riverveg

Christmas Body Art
(The night of the Christmas Fayre – not a great pic as I was busy serving food but Burton was very pleased with his face painting and tattoo)Bxmasfete

Making meatballs
(Jenson popped out with Daddy so Burton got to make meatballs for the first time and they tasted delicious)IMG_1702 (2)

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  1. What a fantastic supply of veg! I failed on the PTA big time – couldn’t break through the clique initially, now it’s more chilled I’m way too busy! I bet your food was fab 🙂 Can’t believe you’ve had your Xmas fayre already though?!

  2. The Christmas Fayre sounds fantastic. Charles’ school are having theirs next week, I feel like they struggle a bit with ideas so might have to come to you for tips 😉

  3. one of the other versatilities of mince – meatballs, he seems to be enjoying making them.
    Good grief that is some pile of veg for soup, like the use for the left over stuff.
    His face painting and tattoo is brilliant.
    Lovely to get them out after school, sadly its dark heer now before 4pm

  4. I absolutely love the looks on their faces this week, a real mix of ‘just take the photo mummy’ smiles and genuine cheesiness! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Burton so cross before, he looks thoroughly unimpressed with the situation!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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