What To Expect When You Are Expecting Another Child

When I first heard that the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting again, obviously I was happy for her, William and baby George but it also got me wondering how far gone she was, and I started trying to work out when baby number two might be due.

Most mums-to-be do not reveal their news until 12 weeks following the first scan, but with Catherine, knowing how ill she was the first time round suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum, I guessed that she was probably more likely to be 6-8 weeks. Then I realised that with Prince George turning one on 23rd July, the Duchess must have fallen pregnant around the time that her first born celebrated his first birthday.


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This is exactly how it was for me falling pregnant for the second time. The OH and I had decided that we would try for another after Burton turned one as we felt that a 2 year age gap was a good one. However, little did I expect it to happen as quickly as did,  and it actually turned out to be a 20 month gap between Burton and Jenson in the end! and when I look back at photos taken on Burton’s first birthday it is strange to think that I was literally ‘just’ pregnant, although I had no idea at the time as it was another 3 weeks until I found out! I wonder if Catherine had an inkling on Geroge’s first birthday?

Of course having two under two can be hard work, but having more than one at anytime is hard work! Thankfully, the pros definately outweigh the cons even if my sanity has suffered as a result! At least having another baby is easier in many ways because you have hindsight to guide you the second time around, whereas when you are pregnant for the first time it is all a bit of a mystery as you only have other mum’s experiences or books/magazines/TV shows to give you some clues as to what it is like to be a first time parent.

So what would be my top tips to the Duchess on being a second time Mum?
Well, clearly being the mother of a possible heir to the throne it is completely different to my own experiences, but even so my tips would be:

**Shop around for the best deals on children’s products  – you can get so many great online discounts

**Always buy unisex baby clothes so they can be reused by your second child, whether it be a boy or a girl. I love white on a baby anyway, so I only ever bought white vests, baby gros and sleepsuits.

**Buy extra muslin sheets – I did not have enough the first time around!

**if family members offer to help out with having your first born to give you some time to rest once your second child is born, accept because having a baby and a toddler under 2 is tiring when you are surviving on less than 2 hours sleep a night.

**Don’t feel guilty about having another baby – I spent ages with mixed emotions during my second pregnancy because I did not know how Burton would react being the centre of mine and his daddy’s world, to suddenly having to share that. The truth is you spend most of your time being a Mum, whether that be to one or more children, feeling guilty about something, so my advice would be enjoy the time you have with your first born while you are a family of three.

**Things do change with the birth of another new baby, but ultimately it is for the better, so relish that thought .


What advice would you offer the Duchess about becoming a Mum to two?

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