Looking Back To 1974 (#Flashback Friday)

Last Sunday I turned the BIG 40 and my Dad sent me a birthday card which contained some trivia about 1974, the year of my birth. I thought it made for an interesting read actually, and  it will be something I can share with my boys when they are older. I know that some of you will read this and you might remember some of these blasts from the past, and there will be other’s who won’t because you are so much younger than me!! Either way, here is a look back to a vintage year 🙂

The headlines for 1974

A 3 day week was introduced to save electricity during the miners strike

Lord Lucan disappeared without a trace, following the murder of his children’s nanny

Ronnie Biggs, the Great Train Robber, was arrested in Rio de Janerio but not sent back to the UK


Famous people who were also born in 1974

Leonardo DiCaprio
Victoria Beckham
Robbie Williams
Kate Moss
Gok Wan

Top Films of 1974


Top Songs of 1974

Kung Foo Fighting
Seasons In The Sun
Tiger Feet
Sugar Baby Love


New to TV in 1974



shopping costs in 1974

petrol – 11p per litre

average house price – £11,340

pint of beer – 15p

sliced white loaf – 14p

20 cigarettes – 25p

average weekly wage  for full time workers in 1974

Men – £48.63

Women – £27.01

and of course on June 22nd, 1974  at 3.58am (I *think* that was my birth time – Mum will correct me if I am wrong!!) this happened


happy birth-day to me of course!

Why don’t you do a look back to the year you were born and link up? 

This post was brought to you as part of Flashback Friday

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Remember – a flashback can be from any time whether it be yesterday, last week, last month, last year or yesteryear! It can be a flashback of your own, your children, your partner or your friends.

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  1. Ahh Bagpuss, I loved that big ol’ cloth cat, and look at your cute little baby face in the last photo! Happy birthday to you (again!)

  2. Fantastic!! 11p for a litre of petrol-could do with that now eh. My friend is 40 soon and I’m making some placemats and posters for her. I’ve used some of your brill facts-hope you don’t mind. Here’s to another 40 years xx

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