Looking Back At 4 Decades Of My Life (#Flashback Friday)

This weeks Flashback is dedicated to me! It pains me to admit and face up to the fact that Sunday seems me face another birthday and not just any birthday, but a BIG one!!!

*runs around screaming*

Yes, the 22nd sees me turn 40 *shakes head in disbelief* and gains me access into the 4th decade of my life, and to be perfectly honest I am not happy about it, and I am clinging onto my 30’s for as long as I can, although, of course, there is nothing I can do to prevent turning another year older.

*sighs a loooooooong sigh*

While I continue to live in my bubble and try not to think about how significant Sunday is to me (because, believe me it is HUGE!), I thought that for this weeks flashback I would look back on my life as I entered each new decade of my life so far.  I wonder how much time has changed me – lets take a look.

22nd June, 1974
(approx – this may be the day after when I was 1 day old)


my whole life ahead of me – only had eyes for my Mummy and I guess all I wanted was milk and cuddles. 

Summer 1984


This was taken on a holiday at Butlin’s Bognor Regis during the school holidays of the summer of 1984, which my brother and I were taken on by my grandparents. I was about to start the final year of primary school and LOVED Wham! and I wanted more than anything to marry George Michael!!

Autumn 1994


My second year at university at DeMontfort University in Leicester. I was having a blast – out partying most nights, studying and enjoying myself BIG time. Happy days and I was not going to return home to live at ths point, aiming to move to London to find work once I graduated. (This did not happen as I moved back home!).
I started my second year with a boyfriend from home, but we split up a few weeks into my new term (I had been with him since just before I started uni 13 months previous) and I then contracted Hep B and had to miss 2 weeks off uni recovering in my first month back from the summer. 

22nd June, 2004


What a change 10 years can make!! When I turned 30 I was engaged to my ex, we had just moved to a new house at Westward Ho! and I was the new and proud owner of my own cafe which became officially mine on the 1st July, a few days later. I did not have a party to celebrate my 30th, but I know that during the day my ex paid for me to have my hair cut and coloured (I had red slices put into it) and then in the evening 2 of my best friends came over with a bottle of bubbly (and Kimberly managed to wipe all the software of my computer when trying to help me with a software problem lol!). Throughout my late 20’s I had kept telling people and my ex in particular, that when I turned 30 I wanted to think about having children if I had not already had them!! Who would have thought that just a few months later my ex and I would split up (my doing!)!!

April 2014


Not quite 40 but the most recent photo I have of myself taken this year! So this is me now – a Mum with my children both of whom  I did have in my 30’s, but a few years later than I had hoped to do back when I turned 30 (I was 35 when I had Burton)!! So I guess I have achieved my main goal I set myself when  I entered my 3rd decade, and to be honest the most important one too. I met their Dad (who I am still with) when I was 31.

So what do I hope as I turn 40? Well, I have not set myself any goals actually, although I really ought to. All I do know is that I hope the next 10 years do not fly by as fast as the last 5 have!!!

This post was brought to you as part of Flashback Friday

mummy mishaps

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