Project 365 #21 (18th-24th May, 2014)

Another week has flown by and I cannot believe that it marks the end of another term for Burton and that after his week off next week, he will then have only one more term to complete until he has finished his first year at school! *That* is crazy – how can he have almost completed his recpetion year already??

This week has seen a bluebell hunt, making homemade play dough, cold dips in the paddling pool, a lunch date with an ice cream by the sea, a school performance where Burton was a leopard (Rumble in the Jungle) and fun at the park after school.

Here is our week in photos

IMG_1976 (1)

IMG_1015 (3)

IMG_1014 (4)

IMG_1013 (3)

IMG_1016 (3)

IMG_1019 (3)

IMG_1017 (3)


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  1. wow Jenny i am loving your paddling pool its super! i am also loving that pile of play doh ( i so wish i dared let Joshua have it my OCD would be nuts)

  2. The years go by far too quickly don’t they? I’m having a huge sulk about the kiddies getting older but have to live in the now and try not to dwell. Lovely photos again, love that ice cream 🙂

  3. Love the paddling pool is that a kind of seat in it? Looks a bit like ours, but ours doesn’t have that bit. Reception year does go so fast and so do year1 and 2.

  4. love the face on the swing, comical. Every child’s right of passage -an ice-cream cone at the beach, love the napkin to keep the t-shirt clean.
    Love the huge selection of cutters and shapes for the playdough

  5. Lovely paddling pool photos. It is scary how quickly this year is disappearing isn’t it! Doing this doesn’t help as the weeks seem to come around much quicker!!

  6. Yay to the paddling pool being out again. The boys really look like they enjoy playing in there, you must love watching them.
    This school year has gone so quick hasn’t it? I can’t believe it is almost over xx

  7. Oh home made playdough – that takes me back..I used to make ours too!
    Love Jenson’s face while on the swing.

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