Burton and Jenson – Siblings In May

The last month has seen quite a change in the relationship between Burton and Jenson. I have seen them grow ever closer as Jenson continues to want to be like Burton and do the things he does, and Burton has been happy to play with his little brother and has encouraged him to do so too. Burton has been really caring and protective towards Jenson recently and it has been so wonderful to witness. A little caring hand around  Jenson to stop him from falling when they are playing outside, and lots of cuddles and saying I love you Jenson. Yep! Too cute for words!

Burton’s behaviour has been so different since the Easter holidays to be honest. Pre the half term break, he had been such hard work for months and it was not that he was continually naughty, but very challening with his behaviour and it was soooo exhausting having to tell him off all the time. However, we enjoyed such an amazing time over the easter holidays and he was calmer and more loving, and just a pleasure to have around, and I hardly had to raise my voice at him at all!  I know that school has been the catalyst for a lot of changes in Burton so I fully expected him to return to being ‘challenging Burton’ once again as soon as the new term started.

Except as of yet this has not happened (I may live to regret saying this tomorrow!). He is telling me, his Daddy and Jenson he loves us all the time and wants cuddles all the time. He is much calmer and life is just so much easier , less tiring and stressful as a result. It also means that he is less antagonistic towards Jenson – not all the time of course, they are siblings who wind each other up often – but Burton is just so much nicer and more caring with his brother at the moment. It has also meant that our recent holiday away was so much more enjoyable than last year’s because Burton was better behaved and it made for a much more relaxing break!

My boys together having fun and  being so loving towards one another  – long may it continue I say!!



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5 thoughts on “Burton and Jenson – Siblings In May

  1. I am glad things have calmed down for you, it is so difficult when one of them is being so challenging isn’t it. It is lovely they get on so well and you can see from the photos how much fun they have together.

  2. This is my dream really for my son to have a sibling. I have a feeling that its going to be a girl. But the things is we dont have the budget nor time for another baby. But this is my dream. Thanks for sharing such sweet sibling photo =) #ordinarymoments

  3. Aw what a lovely smiley set of photos Jenny, your boys are looking very grown up and looking like they are getting up to lots of fun and adventure. I love the last one of them going down the slide, they look really happy and close. I am glad things have calmed down for you as well. x

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