Project 365 #17 (20th-26th April, 2014)

So the end of the Easter holidays came Tuesday morning with the return to school for Burton, and I was really sad to see him go back because we had enjoyed such a fantastic couple of weeks. The other BIG thing to happen this week was Jenson starting pre school for a few hours on Wednesday – you can read more about his day here if you want to. Β And what has happened to the weather? Gone are the sunny, warm days of the half term break and in its place is the wet and windy weather that makes it feel like Autumn again rather than Spring!

Here is our week in photos.

Me and My Boys
I am a little embarrassed that the only photo I took on Easter Sunday was this one!! Karin challenged us to take a photo with us in it and here is mine, which is handy as I needed a new profile pic for the blog anyway!

Today we went to Granma and Grampy’s for the annural Easter Sunday lunch and Easter egg hunt.


Last Day Of The Easter Holidays
and what a beautiful day it was! After all the chocolate egg indulgence yesterday, we spent the day at home and the boys had a picnic in the garden and a lolly in the sunshine.
IMG_1676 (1)

Back To School
school set a decorate an egg competition and this is Burton’s entry Β -Humpty Dumpty which we finished off this morning after breakfast. (**Burton actually came 1st in his class which he found out on Friday and he was so happy and with the craft box he recieved as a prize!)

First Day At Pre School
My little boy started pre school today and he did brilliantly and did not cry when we left him there (unlike silly mummy!) and had a lovely time.
IMG_1675 (1)

Making Chocolate Cake
Someone *helped* me make some chocolate cupcakes today!
IMG_1687 (1)

Faster Mummy, Faster!
Another trip to the park today to make the most of the sunshine
IMG_1686 (1)

Going On A Bear Hunt
Burton read the book to Jenson this morning and Β he did really well and only had help on a few of the words!
IMG_1688 (1)

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29 thoughts on “Project 365 #17 (20th-26th April, 2014)

  1. It looks like a wonderful week. I am glad the good weather was in the holidays and turned bad this week instead of the other way around! I love the picture of you with your boys, you look so happy

  2. Fab Pics!!!… Beautiful picture of you and your boys and i do love your little Helper! πŸ™‚ #Project365

  3. Ah what lovely photographs. I love the chocolate cake face – very cheeky!

    My youngest starts school this September even though he will have been four for just a couple of weeks. I’m dreading it!

  4. Love the photo of you and the boys. Well done on winning the competition and the chocolate pic made me smile!
    Aww I am dreading the day Bee starts preschool… I will be in tears too!

  5. I love the photo of you and the boys together. You look so beautiful and happy.
    And Jensons face with the chocolate on made me laugh so much when I saw it on Facebook….which was awkward as my friend was round and asked me what I was laughing at! haha!
    Well done to Burton on coming 1st! And well done to Jenson on having a good first day at preschool xx

  6. Love the picture of you and the boys. I am chuckling at Jenson’s face covered in chocolate – definitely one to blow up for his 18th lol

  7. The picture of you all is lovely.
    Hope Jenson is enjoying pre-school and settling well. Silly Mummy crying…:)
    Love Jenson’s face pulling!

  8. aahhhh your baby is growing up, a sad day but has to happen at some point. I lobe the gruffalo jogging suit.
    My favourite is the cake helping one, love the face.
    A big well done on the Humpty Dumpty

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