Jumping Is Fun (Flashback Friday)

We have been so lucky that the weather this half term has been warm, dry and sunny and not a wet day at all! Last week we spent some time playing in the garden enjoying the sunshine, and along with lots of bouncing on the trampoline and kicking the ball about, the boys used the, now too small for them anyway and faded from the sun, Little Tikes slide to jump off.

This is by no means a new activity for them as they did lots of this last year, and I always enjoy capturing them jumping with my phone camera. I love the faces Burton pulls as he leaps off the top of the slide – he puts so much effort into his big jumps and I love to catch him in the various stages of a jump, and to be able to capture it forever in digital format is great. It almost looks he is flying in some of the photos!

Here is a lookback at Burton and Jenson being slide jumpers!

We were actually given the slide last February from a friend whose daughters had outgrown it. They soon showed Burton the best (and I guess most fun) was of going down it. And look at little Jenson, tentatively finding his way down the slide the correct way!

Then a few months later during last summer, it was less flying without wings and more flying without shorts, when Burton loved nothing more than running around the garden in his pants and tee shirt! And notice how Jenson is a little braver on the slide now, and although would not jump (thank goodness he did listen to me back then!), he would try, and succeed  occassionaly especially when Mummy had her phone in camera mode!, to run down the slide!!

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Fast forward to last week and look at Jenson now! He has now joined the ranks of the back garden slide jumpers and he and Burton had the BEST time and their giggles were just infectious!

It is the little things which matter and make me and them happy , and these photos will remind me of happy days (#embracehappy)

This post was brought to you as part of Flashback Fridaymummy mishaps

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  1. Aw what lovely photos and clips! I keep meaning to join in with Flashback Friday but always forget or Mushroom doesn’t sleep! I still want to write something about his 3rd birthday party last month so maybe this week! Thanks for sharing #countrykids

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