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Introducing The Crocophone!

Croc shoes (or Croc fakes as we have in the house) are ideal for the boys in the summer months as they are easy to slip on and off, they are water proof and they look ok with both shorts and trousers. Ideal for the beach, the park and the garden such a versatile shoe. And they do not cost very much money so they can wear them as much as they like because I do not mind buying them a second pair as it will not break the bank.


Did you know that Crocs also have another lesser known but very clever use?

Introducing the Croc telephone. Yes the Croc telephone is a very handy device as you can wear it on your foot and as soon as you need to make a phone call, you simply remove it and hold it to your ear! Amazing!

IMG_1615 (1)

I love hearing the Crocophone conversations that Burton and Jenson have with various family members – it really makes me smile at their ……..ermmmm ……..well vivid imaginations!



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  1. lol I love kids imaginations my two year old often puts his foot up to his ear and pretends its a phone – lets hope they do this for a few years think of the money we could save on phone bills! 🙂 #magicmoments

  2. lol lol classic!! omg we have one that does this with his crocs (i call them Mocks – as in mock croc) i love the smiles these moments make 🙂

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  3. Oh my word that is genius Jenny! I love that they can stay on their feet until the phone rings – just brilliant. Imaginative play is just the best isn’t it. Such a great photo too, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  4. This made me laugh a lot! My little girl is always pretending things are phones, but never crocs! Ha ha. There is time yet though. 🙂

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