A Grumpy Monkey Moment

IMG_1579 (1)

What a grumpy monkey face!

I don’t think people believe me when  I tell them that Jenson is prone to tantrums or throws big strops and can even hit me and tell me things like I am going to punch you (no idea where he gets that from!).  This is because he comes across so happy, go lucky and funny the majority of the time. However, as you can see from this photo he does pull the funniest grumpy faces, and it just make me laugh….. a LOT!

This burst of grumpiness came about from frustration. He wanted to ride the pedals on his new bike which he only got given last weekend for his birthday, and after an hour of practising at the park last Sunday he did manage to pedal it and he was so chuffed, as were his Daddy and I. So all last week he had been waiting for Daddy to come home so that he would take him out to practise riding his bike again, and he was very excited about this. So Friday  mid morning the time arrived when Jenson and Daddy went out in our lane with the new monkey bike. However, try as he might Jenson was unable to master the pedals straight away, and instead of laughing it off and keep trying , he got stroppy and declared that he did not want to ride his bike ANYMORE!!! To beging with he just stood there, arms crossed, lips out at full grumpy pout and Daddy tried explaining that it might take a few goes to get it right. Jenson did re-try once more but the same thing happened so he got off the bike, arms crossed and lips out again and this time we both laughed at him.

This was not appreciated by Jenson at all and so out of pure frustration, he semi collapsed to the ground and started crying. See now reading this back, I feel a bit bad for him BUT at the time it was just too funny to not laugh at him!! I mean, look at that little face!!! Maybe you had to be there to find it sooooo amusing, just as we did. Either way, it was one of those little ordinary moments which caused so much hysterics – laughter from Daddy and I and upset from our youngest!


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