Project 365 #9 (Feb 23rd – 1st March 2014)

This week saw the return to normality again with the start of the spring term for Burton, and a parents evening for his Daddy and I on Thursday night. The good news is that despite his behaviour downturn at home (usual 4 year old stuff I expect but new to me!), he couldn’t have had a more glowing report from his teacher! Apparently, he is doing very well with his academic work and is one of the highest achievers in the class and he is polite, well behaved and a pleasure to have there!!

The weather was better this week too which has meant trips to the park both during school hours aswell as after school which has been nice to do again. Signs of Spring are evident and this makes me happy πŸ™‚

Tuesday saw a field trip for Burton and his class to the fire station and I went along as a helper. It was the *best* field trip ever lol and I even got to go up in the resue ladder which went up very high!!

This week has also seen Jenson start potty training which is going well despite a few accidents along the way! But I am juts pleased that at last he is ready to do it.

Anyway, here is our week in photos

Two Little Cheeky Monkeys

Calling Burton From The Payphone (pretending to of course!)IMG_1440 (3)

Hose Practice & Target Shooting At The Fire Stationfirestation2

After School Playground ClimbingIMG_1441 (2)

Swinging In The SunshineIMG_1444 (2)

Class Achievement Star Badge For Spelling And PhonicsΒ IMG_1442 (2)

Potty Training (yaaaay!)IMG_1448 (1)


Hope you had a good week too x

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29 thoughts on “Project 365 #9 (Feb 23rd – 1st March 2014)

  1. I love Jenson in the red ‘phone box – brilliant photo. Your field trip sounds amazing and I understand where you are with Burton.Bigger Miss does brilliantly at school but can be very very difficult at home – probably better that way round!

  2. love the cheeky monkeys picture. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the fire station. Its often amazing how the child they talk about does not sound like the one you send to school and get back, but of they are polite and well behaved thats a job well done. Well done Burton. And yeeeehhhh at the blue sky

  3. There is absolutely no way that Jenson is old enough to be potty training, where’s the baby gone? I can’t believe our boys are growing up so quickly! I love the photo of Burton with his badge, well done you for supporting him so well.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. I can’t pick a favourite this week because I love them all! The cheeky monkey photo i adorable, the phone box one is a great shot and I love Burton with his badge. So pleased he’s doing brilliantly at school and well done to Jenson on the potty training πŸ™‚

  5. Yay! Well done to Burton on his glowing report at parents evening. I love his expression in the photo where he is holding his badge. So funny and cute.
    And well done Jenson with potty training too xx

  6. Love the picture of your little Monkey. How lucky was he to get to use the firemans hose, did he struggle to hold it as they are so powerful?

  7. I love the cheeky monkeys picutre! Bless x Well done Burton on a great school report, I’ve got Joseph’s parent teacher meeting tomorrow, even though I know he’s doing well I always get nervous!! #project365 xx

  8. What a fabulous school report for Burton – great stuff!

    LOVING the little monkeys pic!

    Rather jealous of your local firefighters, they don’t look like that here…

    The red phone box pic is lovely too.

    Good luck with Jenson’s potty training journey, I think we’ll be starting it with our Little dude soon – eeep! x

  9. What a lovely selection of photos – looks like you’ve had a fun week. I think the cheeky monkeys pic is my favourite, but I also love how proud Burton looks of his shiny badge πŸ™‚

  10. What gorgeous, clever boys you have! I have missed my two this week, not enough time to just be and hang out – love your photos, they make the ordinary moments extraordinary x

  11. Yay! for potty training. I just love his face as he is holding his achievement badge. Some really great fun photos this week. I have admittedly had a chance to use a fire hose and can say that it is great fun.

  12. Burton’s face with his badge made me smile..
    I can remember thinking the teachers were talking about a different child with my youngest. He always got – well behaved – a pleasure to teach in his reports.. Not the same as he was at home!!
    Yayy potty training!!! Our Ashley will not use the potty and stiffens like a board if you try to sit him on it or the loo.. Little monkey!!

  13. Ohhh you were brave going up the rescue ladder!!! I am not sure I could…..

    Good luck with the potty training…not looking forward to that when I have to start with Bee.

    And well done to Burton on doing so well at school and for his star xx

  14. Oh what a wonderful selection of photographs (sorry I’m late commenting – finally caught up nearly!). I love the hose practice, that looks like the best fun ever. Always fancied it! Seems like its been a good week for achievements and I love Burton in the phone box πŸ˜‰

  15. What a phone box? My girls wouldn’t even know what a phone box was.

    Excellent work on the spelling and phonics.

    Ah potty training I’m so glad we’ve gone past that stage never to be repeated again

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