Project 365 #11 (9th – 15th March, 2014)

So we fought off the chicken pox – well it was only Burton who had it and I still do not know how Jenson has managed to avoid coming down with it! Luckily for us it was lovely and sunny while he was off school, so we made the most of the sunshine and rode bikes and played in the garden. Luckily for Burton he was not affected by having chicken spots and was well the whole time, and on Thursday he returned to school happy to be reunited with his school friends. His beahaviour was much better at home while he was off school, but by Friday this changed again and naughtyness was met with a ban to the party he was meant to attend that night after school!

Here is our week in photos.

Bike Riding Together
IMG_1464 (1)


Brilliant Balancing IMG_1478 (1)


Sully & Monkey Drawing and Writing Together
(and yes that does say To poopeey Mummy from Burton – the cheeky so and so!)IMG_1473 (2)

A Bridge Too High?IMG_1472 (2)

Back To School IMG_1474 (2)

One Boy And His PlaydoughIMG_1475 (1)

Sweeping Up
IMG_1479 (2)

Hope you had a good week

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  1. i am so please the pox has left yours honey and that he didnt suffer too badly. I remember Beth going through a phase of really naughty behaviour .. i am sure it will pass honey

  2. Lovely photos Jenny! The two bridge shots are my favourites. Glad to hear Burton is over the pox, my boys both had it, one after the other – Jenson may still come down with it! Having said that, my sister had it when we were young and I didn’t catch it – but when the boys had it, I was pregnant with the wee girl, so docs were a bit worried and checked me for immunity – I was immune, and they said that you can catch it, but show no symptoms! Maybe Jenson is one of the lucky ones 🙂

  3. Glad the pox wasn’t too serious. I love the cycling together picture and the sweeping! Balance bikes are great – both mine used them before ‘proper’ bikes and we never had stabilisers – yay!

  4. Glad you got rid of it. H had it very mildly too and you wouldn’t have known he had it until he took his top off. Looks like you made the most of his time off and what lovely weather for it.

  5. most kids sail through chicken pox so glad he did. Like the 2 of them riding over the bridge. Nice to see the sun out and the children getting to play outside. The play dough looks fun.
    Oh dear at the naughty behaviour but quite right to enforce a punishment.

  6. Looks like you’ve had a fun week! Glad to hear the chicken pox have cleared up. I remember Z had them and we wondered how Miss C never got them however, they do incubate for around 2 weeks and about 12 days after Z’s went away, Miss C got them. They suck but at least it gets it over with if they have them closer together. x

  7. It’s lovely to be able to get out of the house this time of year, enjoy the sunshine and also get the kids helping with the “post winter” garden maintenance. Lovely photos

  8. I like the piccie of the boys on the bridge.
    I hope Burton learned the error of his ways after not being allowed to go to the party.

  9. Glad he didn’t suffer too much with the chicken pox! I remember when Munchkin had them…we were lucky to just get a few spots!

    The pooopeee mummy did make me giggle! Love the bridge photo.

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