Mornings Are Broken (#The Gallery and #The Ordinary Moments)

Mornings at the moment are anything but relaxing and plain sailing. In fact I used to think I was a morning person, but since Burton started school I have started to dread them, and think that actually mornings are no longer my friend! From the moment I am wake up  rudely awoken it is constant noise, shouting and arguing and that is just in the first 5 minutes!!! Ha! School mornings are the worst though,( weekends are a little bit better), trying to get Burton ready takes forever and then there is the loooooong time it takes him to eat his breakfast. It is just soul destroying and I just feel on edge for the hour or so we have until we get int the car and head off to school. Oh and even that is not easy because as soon as I tell the boys it is time to get thier shoes and coats on, they decide to run away and hide from me!!

*Please* tell me that I am not the only parent who faces these kind of morning terrors day in and day out????

I often think back to those early first time Mummyhood days where, although I was completely knackered every morning having only had about 1-2 hours seep if I was lucky, everything was so special and magical and I was so overwhelmed by how I felt about my new baby boy, that I did not really notice how tired I was. It did not matter that I was suffering sleep wise because we had nothing to have to get up for. We could laze in bed if we wanted to, or get up but I could lounge around in my pjs downstairs on the sofa. No rush around, no shouting or feeling anxous about needing to meet any time deadlines and nowhere to have to be at a certain time. Sadly,  I don’t think I appreciated it enough back then, because it was all so exhausting and emotional, and hard work getting to grips with first time motherhood. Now of course I am able to reflect on that period and wish I could remember it better, as a lot of it is a blur now. Back then I would love being able to lie around just looking at my beautiful baby and just feel all that all consuming love and happiness that having a newborn brings, and being thankful for having him.


I am not saying those mornings were totally relaxing of course because it was tough going, but I did not need to raise my voice or repeat myself a 100 times about the same things day in and day out! Those mornings were wonderful really. I never had them like that with Jenson because by the time he came along I had a toddler who needed my attention aswell. I guess you never know how good you have things until they have passed you by and you can reminiscence.

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  1. Ahhh this is sooooo sooooo true! I had this with little z and we used to laze around forever and now that he’s started preschool it takes us forever to get ready and gone are the lazy mornings. It takes him about a hour to eat brekkie and lunch sometimes!

  2. It will get easier! My two at 7 and 9 are so used to the routine they just get on with it…. and know if they get ready sensibly they have time to watch a cartoon before we go hehe x

  3. I don’t think you can fully appreciate how easy we had it when they were newborns until they reach this stage in life LOL. I wish I had enjoyed it a bit more too. x

  4. Lovely photo. I can reassure you that you’re not the only person who feels like that before school. Sadly I can’t reassure you that it gets much better. My kids are still as bad as this at 12, 10 and 7.

  5. Gorgeous photo, nothing better than a sleepy newborn. 🙂
    You’ve totally taken me back to when my oldest was a newborn. I remember loving those early morning feeds. There was something so special about it. Ahhh memories! That was almost 9 years ago now. It’s flown!

  6. I am dreading the school run, I have a hard enough time getting them out for nursery two mornings a week and that’s not even a huge problem if we are a few minutes late. Eeek! x

  7. I’m sure it will get easier for you – I actually quite like my weekday mornings as they are so much more relaxed than the weekend ones when there is an additional child *cough* I mean adult around!

    Gorgeous pic xx

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