First Picnic Of 2014 (Flashback Friday)

Last weekend we had our very first picnic of the year so far. That may be behind some people and indeed ahead of others, but to me that marks an exciting time when more time can be spent outside somewhere without having to feel tied to returning home just to eat!

I scrolled through my instagram pics and discovered that our first picnic last year was held in our garden one lunchtime, at the end of March


and our first proper outdoors one was a week later at a local National Trust property


So we did do better last weekend with managing some al fresco ‘dining’ which was ahead of last year’s picnics!!

Anyway, last Sunday we headed to Whistleland Pound which we have been to a few times now and the last time was last November. We took our bikes and intended to cycle the 1 1/2 miles around the reservoir and stopping off and exploring the woods. However, sadly, well for me at least, upon reaching the bottom of the hill my bike decided to get not 1 but 2 – yes 2!!! – flat tyres!!!! And despite OH’s best efforts to rescue the situation my tyres were not going to inflate!!

Still, that did not deter us, while I walked back up the hill to drop the bike back at the car and then walk the other way round the reservoir to meet them, they had already cycled the remaining part of the route, and met me just down from where the car was parked!! So off we headed back into the woods, me walking and them cycling, for a walk and run around about and to eat our picnic lunch before heading home. And it was a good job we left when we did because the weather took a turn for the worse!

IMG_1502 (1)IMG_1504IMG_1505 (1)IMG_1503IMG_1506IMG_1511IMG_1509IMG_1507IMG_1508


Now I just need to get my tyres fixed!!

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  1. Wow, you guys are getting so adventurous on the bikes, well done! The first picnic is amazing isn’t it? We had our about a month or so ago on the beach ad it felt so good. Linked up an old post, hope that’s ok?

  2. I can’t wait to have a picnic soon. With everyone being I’ll twice over one by one our weekends have been a bit pants. I can’t believe you had two flat tyres!!! 🙂

  3. Hi, how great is it to be able to get outside now the weather is on the turn. So lovely getting outside, and with a little bit of sun you feel like making the effort more. Looking forward to our own picnic’s too. Lovely, happy photo’s.

  4. The boys look like they enjoyed their cycling, hope you found the cause of your punctures, I have had trouble before with endless punctures only to find a nail lurking in the tyre after changing the inner tube! All sounded very timely for your picnic managing to enjoy the sun before the weather changed. I do remember last year it being really cold right into May and like you we have already been enjoying picnics this year. Lets hope there are many more picnic days to come over the summer. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids.

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