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Project 365 #7 (9th-15th February, 2014)

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Another week of awful weather bar some sunshine this afternoon it has rained pretty much all the time again!

Sunday – it was off to soft play we did go to escape the wind and rain. Still the boys always enjoy it and one of Burton’s school friends was there so it was nice fo him to play with her outside of school hours.

Monday – Jenson and I went to playgroup as usual and this afternoon we baked some brownies. After school we and Burton went to the nearby park – the first time we have done so in a fortnight. Mind you after 20 minutes it rained but at least we got some after school outdoors time.

Tuesday – Jenson got a parcel from my Dad today and it contained this tee shirt which Jenson could not wait to try on! He happily posed for me so I could send a photo to my Dad, and insisted on wearing it to bed aswell!

Wednesday – Jenson and I had a playdate at the soft play this morning and despite taking monkey around with him, his idea not mine, Jenson gets about very well. He enjoyed climbing the cargo net and waving at me! It was VERY windy today and the trampoline got turned over and as a result 4 poles are danmaged 🙁 I am cross with OH as I have been asking him to take it down for months!! I am hoping we can get replacement poles at some point.

Thursday – We had an epic hail shower this afternoon – I cannot belive how much it covered the ground in such a short space of time! When we got to school Jenson enjoyed picking it up and throwing it up like snow! The school had a Valentines Disco tonight (5-6.30pm for the younger ones and 7-8.30pm for the older ones) and as a member of the PTA I had to attend so Jenson was able to come along too. He and Burton enjoyed it although they did not understand the concept of a disco and that you dance to music – they preferred playing with the balloons and playing the games that the DJ did!

Friday – at the playgroup this morning all the children decorated a heart shaped biscuit and Jenson made one for him and Burton. At 2pm the school had an open afternoon where the parents could go in and see their children’s workbook and projects and then we are allowed to take our kids home with us earlier than normal. Burton was not looking too good when  I arrived and fell asleep on the 7 minute journey home! A temperature with shivers and hot flushes followed and falling asleep early on the sofa, so I am hoping that whatever it is will not spoil his week off school.

Saturday – early start for me with a poorly Burton and Jenson waking up and not goign back to sleep! I was at Tesco at 7am to get some calpol, tissues and cough medicine (and milk !). Burton is not well – still has a temperature and a cough so we have spent the day at home, and he was disappointed not to be able to go to a party. Jenson and Daddy tried to do some bird spotting to take some photos, and after setting all the equipment up and some placing lots of bread outside to tempt them in to view, not one bird turned up in the hour they both waited! That is just bizzarre isnt it? Lol

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35 thoughts on “Project 365 #7 (9th-15th February, 2014)

  1. I love Jenson’s pose! How sweet that they got to have a Valentine’s disco, I loved the ones I went to when I was at Primary School.
    I hope Burton is better soon xx

  2. Hope Burton gets better soon – its horrible when they’re poorly and this time of year is so rife with bugs all over the place. I spent about an hour in the garden last night in the howling wind trying to take a pic of the moon – it just hid behind the clouds until I got in and got changed into my pjs – typical. I hope Jenson can see some birds soon 🙂

  3. like the t-shirt pose, was the sun in his eyes? the soft play sessions look like fun, at least it gets them out for a while
    Hope the temp does not come to anything to bad.
    How naughty of the birds not to turn up when they are watching!!!

  4. Such a camera geek, got totally sucked in with that last photo! It is adorable though, what a shame they didn’t see any birds. Jenson just loves that t-shirt doesn’t he, how lovely. Hope Burton feels better tomorrow poor thing x

  5. That photo of Jenson in the light of the living room is simply amazing, such a cheeky boy! That lens that Jon set up is enormous, what length is it?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. We did soft play this week too as the kids were a bit like caged animals. The hail has been impressive and we have enjoyed a slip and slide to school.
    That is one impressive looking piece of equipment, shame the birds were a no show

  7. Oh no poor Burton, hope he’s not poorly all over half term. Lovely, lovely pictures of your gorgeous boys. Jenson looks so grown up in his tshirt, what a gorgeous smile x

  8. What a shame that the birds didn’t turn up especially with all that professional looking equipement. Hope Burton isn’t ill over half term that would be such a shame, but I think it often happens that you get sick when you stop.

  9. Lovely photo’s from the week, hope Jenson is well again soon. There’s some nasty germs going round at the moment as Leah’s full of it, passed it to Lewis and now I have it (yippee!)

  10. Hope you manage to get some poles for the trampoline, it really was windy! Sorry to hear that Burton is poorly, we have got the dreaded sicky bug here, everyone has been struck down but me! Hope you have a lovely half term week xx

  11. It has been shocking weather this week hasn’t it! Hope it gets better soon and we don’t have to rely on soft play hell for fun! Hope your little dude is starting to feel better now 🙂

  12. Lovely Monkey tshirt.
    See Hubbys never listen to us!! They are all the same 🙂
    Poor Burton I hope he’s feeling better. Not a good start to half-term.

  13. Very impressed by two soft play visits in one week! Lovely collection of photos, although I am very jealous of your fab camera – but how strange that no birds appeared – hope the hail shower hadn’t taken them all out!!

  14. It has been horrible weather wise but glad you managed to get some time outdoors!
    Lovely tee shirt!

    Poor Burton, we are just recovering from colds….hope he is feeling better now and it isn’t spoiling his half term x

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