Pancakes galore: Easy food for busy families

If like me you are also a mum, your life is bound to be unpredictable, never knowing from one day to the next what food mood your family will be in, meaning that despite spending hours  or even minutes preparing a meal it will not always be welcomed and eaten with enthuiasm! Maybe you’re a working Mum with small family members to feed, and more often then not chaos can often ensue which needs addressing and the last thing you want to think about is the next meal.This is where simple and delicious pancakes can really help you out.

Here is a guest post with some helpful pancake making and serving suggestions

Pancake Day is just around the corner now, but this tasty and filling meal needn’t be limited to once a year. From savoury to sweet, there are plenty of different types of pancake to satisfy your family’s taste buds.

Pancakes are easy to prepare
Most larders will contain eggs and flour and there’s generally always milk and butter in the fridge. That’s all you’ll need to prepare a basic pancake. You can stop panicking about the meal once you have these ingredients to hand, and the whole process is very quick, which is good news for any impatient or hungry family members.

Basic pancake recipe
Delia Smith recommends that you sift the flour into a large mixing bowl and then add the eggs as well as a pinch of salt. Whisk the eggs so that they’re well mixed with the flour and then slowly pour in the milk. Your basic batter should start to take shape at this stage. Heat up a small pan and melt the butter and then add this to your mixture.

Cooking the pancakes
Make sure that the frying pan you’re going to use to cook the pancakes is piping hot and then all you need to do is just add small dollops of the mixture into the pan, making sure that the batter covers the base. That’s all there is to this simple process. If you’re feeling brave you can always incorporate an element of entertainment into your mealtimes by attempting to toss the pancakes (although turning them over with a spatula will also suffice).

Fillings for pancakes
Savoury fillings for pancakes are delicious. You can always fry some bacon and then place this in the middle of the pancake surrounded by grated cheese. Vegetarians can fill their pancakes with spinach and ricotta cheese and fried mushrooms and then make a spicy emmenthal cheese sauce to accompany the meal. One of the joys of this meal is that you can really fill the pancake with whatever is sitting in your fridge. After a busy day, it’s a relief to realise that you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen thinking up an intricate recipe in order to feed the family.


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  • I can’t believe we have another week to wait until pancake day. Neither can I believe that people pay a ridiculous price for “pancake mix” – really it is so simple. Saying that my husband made some last week which were just add milk, and well if it means he’s doing the cooking then so be it lol.

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