Facebook and I in 2007 (Flashback Friday)

Tuesday saw the 10th anniversary of Facebook and I actually joined in 2007 which appears to have been the time that the majority of my friends did too. I remember that a friend and ex work colleague, Lyndsey, invited me to join and become her friend in January 2007. I accepted her invitation and set up a page and that was all I did as I had no idea what I was meant to do and ony having one friend I was…well..a billy no facebook mates! A few months passed and I recall that I saw a feature about facebook on This Morning and how it was the new big thing and I thought to myself that I had already joined but now maybe I should actually use it. I uploaded a photo of myself in June and installed some apps but no one I knew was using facebook still. It appears that by the end of the year I had about 6 ‘friends’ and I did post a few status’s in that time and had a little bit of interaction, and played that Conga game with people. But to be honest I dont think any of us knew what we were doing lol!!

After looking though my timeline on facebook, I started getting more involved from July when I started uploading photos from my days and nights out and it appears that 2007 was a busy year for me in terms of of my social life!

I saw Lily Allen at the Eden Project with my friend Abbi, a drunken and hilarious day and evening, and we camped the night at a nearby campsite too.112_12141025300_7690_n

The Pet Shop boys also at the Eden Project with Kimberly later the same month, and got interviewed for some local Cornwall radio station as we left 107_7342835300_8577_n

Then In August Kimberly, Elaine and I travelled to Belfast to attend Beth’s wedding133_11091630300_8911_n

In October I went to Bristol with my friend Rita to see Mama Mia ti musical and I also saw Just Jack at Exeter university that month with some friends which involved lots of drinking and a stay in a youth hostel!127_13599740300_3306_n

In November Jon and I went to Norway for the weekend as Jon spent some weekends over there in the early part of our relationship working for a snow rally school, so he took me to see what it was all about (and it was freezing cold!)223237_6401794243_1367_n

In December I saw Maroon 5 live and then Kimberly and I went to London to see Take That at the O2 although I have no photos of either night. Here is a photo of Jon and I on a night out just before Christmas.229481_6851212414_3118_n

Looking back I cannot believe how busy I was socially!! And how much my hair chnages in a short space of time!! I also think it is funny how social media unsavvy I was back then, and how it did not rule my life as much as it does now or my friends or indeed Jon, who is always on one of his social networks!!! Clearly back then my real life kept me out and about and busy pre mummyhood, whereas nowadays the opposite is true.

Who would have known then that Facebook would be as big as it is now and that it would open the door to Twitter and all the other social media avenues that we have available to us all! Crazy really.

When did you join facebook?
You can see my facebook video that facebook created for me here

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  1. I joined in 2008 whilst pregnant & I can’t even remember why or who introduced me to it but I was one of the first of my local friends to join, I think I did it out of pregnancy boredom!

  2. I’ve gone with a FB flashback too lol. I joined in 2007 but only really started using it regularly in 2009. You look fab in your photos. Looks like you had some great times! X

  3. Might have guessed it would have involved a social life 😉 I love looking back over facebook, not just mine but my friends photos too, it makes me a bit sad sometimes though and I’m really missing the ‘good ol’days at the moment, think I may have annual homesick thing going on!

    Great post, mine started well in my head but didn’t come out quite as I planned!

  4. What great memories. Social media is a great way to look back at what you have done and all the photographs you have taken isn’t it. I really think this is where Facebook has a big advantage.

  5. Great memories! I’ve never really got the hang of facebook, tbh: I mostly use it to keep in touch with family, most of whom are in NZ. I joined soon after I joined twitter. – and I can’t remember when that was lol!

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