Project 365 2014 #4 (19th – 25th January)

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Sunday 19th
the sun came out so I took the boys to the park and it was full of puddles so of course they wanted to go jumping in them! to say they got soaked is an understatement but they had so much fun! And caused me and many people who walked past to smile and watch!

Monday 20th
Bit of a boring day really as we stayed in to allow me to catch up on some housework! Jenson enjoyed taking all the toys out as I tried to tidy them away!

Tuesday 21st
Playgroup this morning and after school we went to the park with a couple of Burton’s school friends, and Burton insisted on standing up on the swing! When his friend copied him, he fell off into the muddy ground – oooops!

Wednesday 22nd
Took Jenson to soft play this morning but he was a bit tired so we didn’t stay very long. when Burton got home we had to make something from dough as part of his school core project and both boys loved helping to make some bread sticks. Unfortunately, when they time came to check the dough after proving , Jenson went on and picked up the bowl and most of the contents fell on the work surface! Needless to say no breadsticks! We made some play dough instead.

Thursday 23rd
Went to visit Lisa and Joe this morning and then this afternoon I took Jenson to the park to ride his bike as it was dry. After school we went to Granma’s for tea

Friday 24th
Went to playgroup this morning although Jenson was a bit grumopy at having to go to playgroupo every day! Slight exaggeration as we have only been twice but anyway I promised that if he went he could splash in the puddles afterwards!

Saturday 25th
Swimming for the boys this morning and then at home they made some homemade birthday cards as from now until the middle of March we have soooo many birthdays for friends and family! I spent the whole day making 50 cupcakes and a cake for my best friend Kimberly’s 40th birthday bash which is tonight. Green is her favourite colour. I went to the party and she loved the cake (although there was lots left) and me, her and our 2 other best mates from school enjoyed a fun night of music and laughter!

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