Project 365 2014 #3 (12th-18th January)

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Sunday 12th
It rained just about all day so we went to the softplay and ended up staying most the day – there was not much else to do in such awful weather! The boys played together there really nicely and laughed so much.

Monday 13th
It was my turn to pass the Team Honk batton on to Somerset today after collecting it from Cornwall last night, so the boys and I did a mini relay in the school car park this morning. You can read more about what I got up up and see me as a Fat Sumo here

Tuesday 14th
Toddler playgroup this morning the one that I am helping to run and it was quite busy again which is encouraging. I let Burton make his own tea tonight – such concentration.

Wednesday 15th
Jenson and I walked into town this morning to meet the other 2 Mums who I am runnjng the playgroup with as another playgroup in town was getting rid of a lot of toys and equipment and we managed to get some great stuff to use at our group. Jenson found a monkey purse and a monkey hat so he was very happy – here he is modelling the latter on our walk home.Β Kimberly came round to see us this afternoon and the boys enjoyed playing with her.

Thursday 15th
Spent the morning cleaning and sorting through the stuff we collected yesterday and setting it all up for playgroup tomorrow. Jenson found a Scully outfit among the things we collected and asked to bring it home for Burton so after a quick wash – Burton wore it while Jenson wore his monkey suit and the two of them played all evening in their outfits!!

Friday 16th
Playgroup in the morning and then this afternoon Jenson and I did some baking. When we collected Burton from school I was very pleased and proud that he had been awarded a bronze merit badge for recieving 50 merits and also this certificate! He was chuffed too πŸ™‚ Granma came for tea tonight and had a sleepover with the boys in thier bedroom!

Saturday 17th
Swimming as normal this morning and due to it being another wet and miserable day weather wise, we have not done a lot really. Lots of drawing, playing and dressing up though so fun.

It has also seen the end of 2 weeks now with no television on during the school week. We did watch a film last night before bed which Granma brought with her, and last weekend the boys watched a little on Sunday afternoon, but that asides it has been good not having it one after school and as I have said before they have not missed it or asked for it to be on. I think it is proving that as long as they are being kept occupied they do not need it. I am not purposely banning the TV I am just seeing how long we can go without having to have it on every day.

Hope you have all had a good week x

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