My Ordinary Moments 2013 (Flashback Friday)

So farewell 2013.
You were by all accounts a good year for me.

  • We enjoyed a winter full of puddle sploshing, a spring finding bluebells and our first family holiday.
  • We enjoyed an amazing summer filled with splashing water fun in our new paddling pool, lots of outdoors playtime until into the early evening.
  • We enjoyed an autumn filled with conkers, acorns, leaf throwing and pumpkin decorating
  • We moved in to our new home with its garden and many rooms
  • we enjoyed our first Christmas not only in our new home but the first one in our home for Christmas day since the boys were born.
  • We had much laughter, fun and mischief as well as tears and tantrums too, but that is how it should be as a Mummy.

It was also the year that Burton started school. Oh and how much I dreaded him going and now it is hard to believe that he has already completed two terms!  Watching him enjoy school, make new friends and thrive on all the new things he is learning to do like read and write and do basic maths.

Towards the end of the year it has seen more one on one time with Jenson while his brother has been at school and lots of adventures with him and monkey at the park.

And a whole lot more memories too – far too many to list here afterall that is what my blog is for to remind me, and I have completed project 365 for 2013 which shows my fav daily photos. However, for this post I decided to gather up all my instagram photos into one place to show all my ordinary moments from 2013 – those photos that were captured in the *now and then* and uploaded and shared immediately.
I cannot say that 2013 was filled with spectacular events and exciting moments for us, BUT everything we got up to we did together and we enjoyed our time together. It is the little things that are important and we do lots of little things all the time.
The photos start from midnight – ish last night the 31st December all the way back to 1st January 2013. A record of my life. My boys life. Our life together. 2013

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As I looked through all these photos as I compiled this post, I can honestly say that it does not seem possible that some were taken so many months ago as it just does not seem possible! My moments have certainly whizzed by, but they are lovely to look back on and remind me of the things we got up to. I am also pleased to see that the majority of the non cake pics (lol i do love cake!) were taken outside which I am chuffed about because I try hard to get out and about as much as I am able.

So, Happy New Year to you and yours and if you have a post to sum up and look back at 2013 please link up to my Flashback Friday linky below – yes I am posting a little earlier than normal but with it being a new year I thought I may aswell open it earlier.

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