My Week That Was #51 (Project 365)


Sunday – Bit of a lazy day today. The boys caught up on their Lego advent calendar and we watched a festive movie in our pj’s.  After lunch we took the boys to the cinema to watch Frozen which was really good and both boys sat and watched it all which for Jenson, at 2 1/2 , was amazing!

Monday – it was Christmas party morning at playgroup today and here is Jenson making his christingle. When I was a child we had sweets on ours (dolly mixture) but his had raisins!! The playgroup out on a lovely festive buffet and each child was given a buable too which for £1 entry is such good value and very generous of them I think.

Tuesday – Jenson and i popped into town this morning to buy a few more presents and to meet Granma for a hot chocolate special at Costa. We popped into the shopping centre to see Santa’s Grotto, not the man himself just the grotto, as every year a new display is on show. Jenson enjoyed seeing the puppets.

Wednesday – Jenson did not feel very well today, he just wasnt himself. At 12pm he asked to sit on my lap and then fell aslepe on me until 2.40pm when I had to wake him up for the school run! No lunch, cup of tea or toilet for me for more than two hours! I love seeing him sleep on me though, takes me back to when he was a baby.

Thursday – Jenson was better today although he now has a cold! He spent last night with me as he kept waking up, coughing and bringing up plegm! We stayed in again today and at 2pm we went to see Burton and his school’s carol performance at the chuch. Then we were able to bring Burotn home and that is his last day now until 6th January – yaaay! We popped over to see Granma as she has put her tree up which has a train go around it which the boys love to watch.

Friday – No school run this morning hurrah! This afternoon I had 7 of Burton’s school friends and their siblings come over for a festive play date and everyone behaved themselves which was lovely. I made too much food as always! The boys made some festive ginger biscuits for it, and they loved being able to cut out the shapes.

Saturday – no swimming this morning as that is over now until the new year. Burton made some more Christmas cards and Jenson ‘helped’ before getting fed up and went to play with monkey!. Grandma and Grandad came to see us this afternoon and brought the boy’s step cousins over so they all had fun playing before eating left overs from yesterday’s party food.


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  1. Wow a busy week of Christmas preparation for you all. I hope that Jenson is feeling better now? He looks so tiny and his little eyelashes on his flushed cheeks are beautiful, treasure the mummy sleeps when you get them as I miss them so much. I adore that train around the tree, how wonderful!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. It’s so nice to have a break from school and clubs isn’t it – today is our first day off and it was lovely (well when they weren’t driving me mad!) I am so impressed by the train around Grandma’s tree (very jealous!) and I love the sleepy photo. Happy Christmas to you all x

  3. Love the train around the christmas tree. He looks a little worried by what he found in the advent calendar!
    Hope you are all feeling better soon and hope you have a wonderful Christmas xx

  4. I love the idea of the train running around the Christmas tree, that is so lovely. Gorgeous photos this week, Jenson looks so sweet when he is asleep, a shame that he was poorly though, it all gets a bit too much for them this time of year. We are making gingerbread tomorrow which should be fun.

  5. Aww hope Jenson is feeling better now. Bee was like that too…slept all day one day and then the following day she had a cold…some nasty virus’s!

    Very festive pics..i love that train too

    Enjoy the holidays x

  6. Sounds like a lovely week. Glad Jenson’s feeling better, he doesn’t look well with those big red cheeks 🙁 love the train & we are going yo see frozen tomorrow. Have a great Christmas xx

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