My Week That Was #49 (Project 365)

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Sunday – Mum and my Step Dad came for lunch and afterwards we went to the park with the bikes for the boys. We also took some bread to feed to the ducks but the pesky sea gulls got to it first! They were quite skilled at catching the bread in their beaks as they flew past us!

Monday – playgroup this morning and then Jenson and I went to the playground and had it all to ourselves. He loved running around and being able to go whatever he wanted and not have to wait.

Tuesday – Buddy the elf has been a little mischievious since he joined us on Sunday and has been found enjoying midnight feasts in the boys bedroom! This morning when Burton came downstairs for breakfast he found a mess on the floor which we can only assume was Buddy helping himself to multi grain hoops in the night! He was sent to the ‘naughty step’ afterwards lol.

Wednesday – soft play as usual this morning. This afternoon we went to the park with the bike until we got to this swing and then Jenson insisted on going on “higher higher Mummy” he pleaded! He giggled the whole time he was on it.

Thursday – Jenson and I walked into town after dropping Burton off and it was such a windy day! Still, we warmed up with a little hot festive drink and a mince pie at Costa (mmm I tried the black forrest hot choc) and then picked up a few stocking fillers before heading home. However, on the way we passed a big pile of leaves and Jenson could not resist sitting among them before throwing some at me!

Friday – Weather was not up to much today with lots of rain, so while I cleaned Jenson got creative with the play dough and made this rainbow!

Saturday – after swimming and some food shopping , we went home and brought down all the Christmas decorations whch made me very happy and excited! This afternoon we went to choose our trees and Jenson, together with Buddy, enjoyed helping to carry it to the car! However, decorating will have to wait until tomorrow as we went ten pin bowling at 4pm with several family members which was good fun, and Jenson scored a strike using the ramp!


  1. Love the photo of Jenson with the playdough, did you borrow Jon’s camera? That’s a fab Christmas tree, where is it going? And I love the laughter on Jenson’s face on the swing, I think he’s enjoying solitary mummy time!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. You have a very mischievous elf in your house. Lets hope he behaves himself tonight 🙂 Z loves that big round swing. He never wants to get off it and we have to coax him to “share share” with the queue that’s waiting!

  3. We went to feed the swans too this week, and had the same probs with the gulls!!

    I think those round swings are fab! But we don’t have one in our park!!

    Lovely pictures as usual x

  4. Kaycee and Ella love to see the seagulls swooping down to catch the bread when we’re supposed to be feeding the ducks!
    I’m looking forward to seeing that tree all decorated 🙂 xx

  5. We have problems with gulls when we go to feed the ducks – they are very adept at catching food in mid-air.
    Loving the lion hat too, so cute and how proud does he look of the giant christmas tree!

  6. gulls are a massive nuisance in a lot of areas, they attack the kids in the school play ground round here.
    Naughty Elf, hope he doesnt take all the decorations back off you tree once it is decorated.
    A great out door week, been far too cold here for much

  7. What a fab week 😉 I can’t wait to get our Xmas decs up but need to wait until after the toddler’s birthday on 15th! Loving his monkey backpack :))) x

  8. Loving the elf adventures to go with the monkey. Not caught up with you much on instagram this week – not sure if you’ve been on less or just missing you. Anyway it’s nice to catch up with what you’ve all been up to, thank you for sharing these special moments 🙂

  9. I love Jenson’s hat. Playing in leaves is so much fun.
    When I saw the tipped cereal I thought ‘oh oh’ but then read it was that naughty elfie. 🙂

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