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I noticed on my instagram and facebook timeline earlier in the week that some people were posting photos of themselves from 20 years ago with the hashtag #20yearsago. It turns out that the person behind this was the fabulous Mummy Barrow who herself posted a corker of a flashback photo from 1993 .

Of course straight away I went to my own facebook page and found a photo of myself taken in January 1994 which a university friend had tagged me in a couple of years ago166_8960575666_9061_n

This was taken at a party we had for my housemate Sophie to celebrate her 20th birthday and we were all pretty drunk by the time this photo was taken!! Happy days and memories!! Although when I first left for uni the previous September I did not like it as I was missing my boyfriend back home, and I felt like I didn’t fit in.  I actually thought about dropping out after a month. However, I decided to give it until Christmas and I am so glad I did because by then I LOVED it and had settled in and made some good friends.

After searching through a photo album this evening I have found a photograph taken almost 20 years ago to the day at Christmas 1993 which is more fitting for Tanya’s #20yearsago and here it ismeandelaine1993 It is odd to look back and see myself sporting my Demi Moore from Ghost hair cut, wearing red lipstick (I never wear lippy anymore) and a figure hugging black velvet full length dress with a split up the side and a jacket! How I wish I could wear a dress like that now!

How grown up I thought I looked, aged 19 home for the Christmas break after my first term at university and off round town on a pub crawl with my best friend. I think this photo might have been taken on Christmas Eve…..I am trying to cast my mind back that far lol! If I recall correctly, my parents had a few friends round that night and I *may* have gone home a bit worse for wear but trying desperately not to show it  (as you do!) and gone in to the lounge and lost my balance and landed on the lap on one of their guests lol!! But, I could be wrong. I mean 1993 is a long time ago in the old memory bank now!!

I know that my boyfriend at the time escorted me home, ensuring that I got back safely. He was a little older than me – I think 5 years maybe – and lived in Torrington. We had got together in the summer before I left for uni so by December we were in “love” and missed each other terribly while I was far away studying. We wrote so many letters to each other , which looking back was really special and lovely as nowadays it would be texts and emails I expect. I dont think you can beat a hand written letter personally. I miss letter writing actually, I use to write to lots of people by hand in the past. I guess that’s a curse of technology allowing correspondence to be so much simpler nowadays. Anyway, he and I stayed together until the following October, so we remained a couple for about 15 months in total I believe. This is him and I taken on my last night out on the town before I left for uni that summer and I had this photo in a frame next to my bed during my first year at university. I am cringing at those gold hoop earings I am wearing!megsy


1993 was also the year for those body tops – you know the all in one tops that did up with poppers in the crotch area? I had a few and I always had to ensure that I bought a size bigger so that the bottom part did not ride up too much and cause discomfort down below lol! They were also a pain to do up when a) I was worse for wear and b) not a good look when you would be trying to do the poppers up in a public toilet with a door that did not have a lock on!

20 years ago I was just starting off on an adventure in to the unknown,. I left home for the first time and started university. It was a good time in my life.

What did you look like in 1993? Post a photo and join up to the blog hop below my Flashback Friday one 🙂

This post was brought to you as part of Flashback Friday
*Flashback Friday will take a festive break next week so the next linky will open on Friday 3rd January 2013 *

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Remember – a flashback can be from any time whether it be yesterday, last week, last month, last year or yesteryear! It can be a flashback of your own, your children, your partner or your friends.

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6 thoughts on “Me #20yearsago (Flashback Friday)

  1. Oh my gosh you look unrecognisable!
    I love the stories too. I remember wearing those body’s. I wore mine to Disco Dancing most of the time 🙂 xx

  2. You really suit your short hair! 20 years ago I was just 8 but it is still scary to think I’ve been here for almost 30 years. Doesn’t feel that long at all. x

  3. You looked fab Jenny – very Demi indeed!

    Funny looking back on past loves isn’t it and still remembering how strong the feeling were (or at least seemed!) at the time.

    And those bodies – urgh! Whoever thought they were a good idea?!

  4. Wow Jen, what fab photos. I recently actually found letters that you wrote to me 20+ years ago, in my box of collected/special items, all make very interesting reading . . . chuckle chuckle! Love Kxxx

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