Looking Back To Christmas 2008 (Flashback Friday)

I have always enjoyed Christmas – actually scrap that.

I have always LOVED Christmas and I honestly still feel as excited about it now as I ever did as child. Having my boys gives me an excuse to vocalise my excitement even more than usual and it is them that makes Christmas for me now and makes it perfect and complete.

The Christmas’s I had as an adult pre mummyhood were always fun, usually involving going out Christmas Eve for drinks with my friends and then I always went home and opened one present just after midnight marking the start of Christmas Day. I started this little adult hood traditon because when I spent Christmas at home, once I no longer recieved presents from Father Christmas, it was a long time to have to wait until we were allowed to open a present because it was not permited until after our Christmas Dinner. This would not have been quite as bad had we always ate our festive meal at the normal lunch time. However, it was often not served until 2pm and lasted quite a while, and then following pudding we would all muck in and help clear and wash up. Needless to say we often would not sit down to open our presents until past 4pm which is too long to have to wait!!! Therefore, once I lived in my own place and had my own tree, as soon as it was 1 minute past 12am on 25th December, I would open a present – usually one from a friend. It always felt a little naughty and rebellious to be honest, but something I enjoyed and looked forward to!

When I met my current boyfriend I stopped my midnight present unwrapping and waited until the time that we sat down to do it with either mine or his family at a more acceptable hour!! The first Christmas that he and I spent in our own home was 2008 .We had only been living in the house for a month and I cooked Christmas Dinner that year, and we had the OH’s parents over for the day. I was excited to be cooking our first Christmas dinner since we had been together (which by then was 3 years)  in our new home and in my gorgeous brand spanking new kitchen 🙂mexmas2008 We had tastefully decorated our lounge with a few festive things and it was the first time I had a real tree as my ex and I had always used a fake one. I had chosen a brown and gold colour scheme for our tree decorations, to complement the colour scheme of our newly decorated home.xmastree20082008-12-25-14-42-16

2008-12-25-14-43-15That Christmas was an extra special one because I was in the early stages of my first pregnancy and was looking forward to my scan in a few weeks time and even more excited to meet my baby the following July,. It was the best Christmas present I ever hadbump2008xmasIt is funny looking back on those photos of our clean and VERY tidy home  – children bring so much joy into our lives, but also a lot of mess!!!

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  1. Lovely post! Your house looked so lovely! I have a brown and gold colour scheme for my tree lol. I get more excited about Christmas now because of the kids. They really make Christmas. We were never allowed to open our presents until after we’d had breakfast and had a shower and were dressed. However, when we lived in Mexico, it was tradition to wake up after midnight and open our presents then, not on Christmas morning. With the kids, we have their stocking and a present from me and hubby to open at their doors and then after breakfast they open their Santa presents. x

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