My Week That Was #46 (Project 365)

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Sunday – it was such a beautiful day today and after much searching through my cupboards this morning I found my NT membership card (hurrah!), and took the boys to Arlington Court on a Gruffalo Hunt among the trees and shelters. We had so much fun and both boys loved having the freedom and space to run around as they wanted and explore and climb trees! Great day 🙂

Monday – Daddy started his new job today in Leamington Spa and from now on will be working away every week until Thursday night, although this once he won’t be home until next Thursday evening because he is away at the weekend watching the GB rally in Wales! Just me and the boys until then. It was a wet day today and Jenson and I went to playgroup this morning and then garden centre this afternoon – here is Jenson looking at the terrapins. My Mum, Step Dad and Nanny popped over after lunch which was lovely and both boys were pleased to see them all.

Tuesday – It was a much sunnier and dry day today so this morning Jenson, Monkey and I headed off to the park with the scooter which was good fun. Jenson is getting quite daring now with his climbing and was proud to get up here by himself (even though he complained because I would not allow him to hold Monkey while he did!).

Wednesday – after dropping Burton off at school this morning, Jenson and I met up with two other Mum’s and their toddlers, who are a little younger than him, for a playdate which was nice for the children to play while we Mums got to chat outside of the playground. The photo shows the boys being dinosaurs as I spiked their hair up, and then they went “raaaaaaaaa” very loudly!!

Thursday – Jenson and I went to Torrington today to meet up with a friend and her son for the morning. After school the boys and I set about making a Crocodile Cupcake Cake and the boys helped decorate it by piping on the buttercream and adding the chocolate buttons and marshmallows to make the eyes, scales, claws and teeth. They both did really well. The cake will be Burton’s core project for school where the children have been asked to make a 3D Australian animal, and rather than make a crafty one I thought a cake would be different.

Friday – This morning as we walked back to the school after dropping Burton off, there was a huge collection of golden leaves just waiting for someone to go over and pick them up and thrown them in the air! I was actually quite envious of Jenson to be honest!

Saturday – Swimming lesson for Burton first thing and the we popped to Tesco to get some bread and fruit and other essentials, I think Burton has been on a growth spurt this week – he has not stopped eating!. Afterwards we went to see Granma and the boys played outside in the muddy puddles – within 1 minute of being let loose outside they were wet and covered in mud from lots of splashing and jumping! Great fun! Luckily I had taken a spare set of clothes, which are now in the washing machine and their wellies are drying out!

14 thoughts on “My Week That Was #46 (Project 365)”

  • Love all the outside shots and the wet hairstyles in the bath haha. The concentration on the cake decorating picture made me smile too. Hope daddy’s new job is going well xx

  • Looks like Jenson is having fun with those leaves! You should have joined in! They look so cute in the bath photo, that made me smile! x

  • I loved the crocodile cake idea and it looked amazing, I like the fact that you are training them young, it looks like he is better than me at icing cakes. Leamington is a fair old trek from you, that isn’t far from here, will you have to move eventually?

  • There are so many awesome photos this week it is hard to choose a favourite. I do love the concentration on the icing photo and I applaud your creativity for making cakes as school homework!

  • I love fresh golden leaves, when they’re all crunchy 🙂 Hope Daddy’s new job goes well and he’s able to work from home a lot more once he’s settled in.

  • I love fresh golden leaves, when they’re all crunchy 🙂 Hope Daddy’s new job goes well and he’s able to work from home a lot more once he’s settled in. We love dinosaurs in our house too!

  • Jensen has lots of fun even without his brother, and sometimes I feel it really helps them grow and develop to be on their own.
    Good luck for daddys new job, hope you dont get too lonely.
    We love piles of leaves as well, they are great fun and bring ut the big kid in me.

  • Could have done with your little man icing cakes for me – I made a load for CIN and my hands were killing me afterwards as stupid me tried to make them all fancy!
    We have also had some fun throwing and catching leaves this week. I am a bit gutted we don’ have the Gruffalo trail anymore but we did the stickman one instead!

  • Love the leaf tossing. I’d have been doing it too.
    Is a boy thing, this jumping in puddles? Our grandson loves it, as did our two sons. Our two boys used to have waterproof all in ones that kept them reasonably dry. But of course the wellies always needed draining!

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