My Week That Was #42 (Project 365)

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On The Zip Wire (244/365)
Another Conker! (245/365)
Quick Swingย (246/365)
After School Tree (247/365)
Feeding The Ducks (248/365)
Day Off (249/365)
Two In A Tree (250/365)

Sunday – boys went swimming this morning with their cousins again. Afterwards we popped to the park while it was still dry and the boys had another go on the zip wire. I love how much Jenson laughs the entire time he is riding on it. This afternoon it poured down with rain so we had a lazy one and watched a film for a change.

Monday – after dropping Burton off at school, I took Jenson to the park and it was just beautiful as the sun was out, the sky was blue and the scenery was amazing! He had fun climbing a tree, finding more conkers and having a walk along the wall next to the river. Then we went to playgroup for a couple of hours.

Tuesday – another gorgeous day so Jenson and I took another walk to the park. When we got home we did some tidying up and playing.After school I took the boys to their Granma’s for tea which saved me having to cook!

Wednesday – I took Jenson to soft play this morning. After school this week, Burton and a few of his friends have started climbing this tree and they all take it in turns so walking to the car can take a long time !!!

Thursday – it was another beautiful day so Jenson and i headed to the park again and took some bread for the ducks this time. They wre quite tame and get really close as they are all keen to get some bread – as do the greedy seagulls! Jenson kept throwing bread that was too large!

Friday – I kept Burton off school today as he has had a runny brown code situation since yesterday, so I rang the school to seek advice and was told that they like parents to keep children off for 48 hours! Still, we had a fun day as we went to soft play this morning and on the way home we stopped off at the park. Then we went to Tesco and popped to see Granma. Burton told everyone we saw that he was having a day off school!

Saturday – swimming this morning as usual and then we came home where I made some bread and cakes as my Mum and Step Dad came for lunch with Shadow. This afternoon we all went for a walk to the park (yes again, but it is a great place to take the boys) as it was another glorious day. We did lots of fun things – well the boys did really – climbing a tree, finding acorns, (more) conkers and chestnuts, eating an ice cream, playing hide and seek and just enjoying the sunshine and autumn scenery. We were gone 2 1/2 hours and needless to say it did not take long for the boys to fall asleep tonight!

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14 thoughts on “My Week That Was #42 (Project 365)

  1. Sounds like another fun week in your house. Love the zip wire one, the ducks & both boys in the tree. Hope Burtons feeling better xx

  2. So lovely that you have got so many outdoor shots! We have hardly had the chance to get out this week due to the weather and work. Another great zip wire shot too and you can’t beat a bit of tree climbing

  3. Lovely outdoor photos again from you.
    I need to find much more enthusiasm for taking the boys out, makes me feel bad when I don’t even have the weather as an excuse.

  4. The shot of Burton in the tree is lovely, one worth framing.
    the flying birds near the ducks would have sent me in a tizz.. I hate flying birds anywhere near me.

  5. Z rally likes swings but we haven’t tried the zip wire yet. I’m going to have to find one somewhere I think! Lovely photos, so much action this week ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sounds like a fun filled week! My fav this week has to be the zip wire one.

    Its so good you get out so much…. I really need to make more of an effort.

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