My Week That Was #41 (Project 365)

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Exhilarating (237/395)
What A View (238/365)
Dressing Up (239/365)
Christmas In October (240/365)
Reading (241/365)
Bill & Ben & Jenson (242/365)
Hiding In The Undergrowth (243/365)

We have had some beautiful weather for most of the week so Jenson and I have been out every day to make the most of it

Sunday – the boys and Daddy went swimmig this morning with all their cousins and Aunt and Uncles while I watched. This afternoon we walked the boys down to the newly re-opened village recreation park and the boys loved the zip wire!

Monday – I took Jenson to playgroup this morning and then this afternoon we went on a walk along by the river and to the park and it was just beautiful! We also went on a little autumn nature hunt and saw some squirrels and a big hungry caterpillar!

Tuesday – While I spent the morning tidying, Jenson enjoyed dressing up with one of my vests and a necklace!!! He does make me laugh how he likes pretending to wear a dress, have a handbag and wear my face creams!!! We went for another quick walk to the park this afternoon before rushing back to collect Burton.

Wednesday – This morning Jenson and I did some grocery shopping and then played in the garden when we got home. After collecting Burton from school I took the boys to the garden centre for some tea and a look at all the Christmas displays which they both LOVED!!

Thursday – Jenson and I met up with Lisa and Joe for lunch and then we took the boys to the park to collect conkers, throw and catch leaves, play in the park and feed the ducks this afternoon. The photo shows some ‘junk modelling’ that Burton has done as part of his schoolwork project – all the class have their work out on display in the corridor and I thought I would capture his first piece of displayed artwork !

Friday – I popped to Homebase this morning to buy a reduced cake stand and Jenson insisted on having a go on this Bill & Ben ride. It looks like the pair of them have told a joke that Jenson finds very funny! Afterwards I walked into town with Jenson (in the buggy) as I wanted to buy a couple of jumpers as I don’t have many now the weather is getting a little chillier.

Saturday – saw an early start of 6am despite me having to wake both boys up at 7.25am yesterday!!! Swimming this morning and then we went to the park for some zip wire fun. After lunch we went to the bigger park with the boys and their scooters. Then we popped over to Granma’s quickly so they could see their cousins. I am now off to get ready as I have a 40th birthday meal to attend and a weding evening do both of which are being held at the same venue at the same time! What are the odds of that? So I will be flitting between the 2 rooms!!!

20 thoughts on “My Week That Was #41 (Project 365)”

  • Your boys are just soo cute. Love the first and last ones best and Christmas displays already? Looks like another fun week in your house xx

  • The zip wire looks like a lot of fun! I love the photo of them both sitting on the floor looking at the Christmas toys. And the second photo is gorgeous, looks like a lovely place to walk.

  • The photo looking out over the countryside is stunning. As for the two events in the same venue at the same time – that seems like the plot of a bad sitcom, only you’d have to remember to change one vital piece of clothing before flitting between the two!

  • The zip wire shot looks like so much fun. I think I like the Christmas shot best though: they both seem fascinated by that Christmasy thing. Lovely to see the imagination they’ve used for the junk modelling.

  • The joy on his face on the zip wire made me smile!
    Those singing Christmas toys seem like such a good idea at the time, but I urge you not to do it!! lol

  • That zip wire looks great! Love the second photo- beautiful.
    I keep snapping pictures of S’s homework- although we’ve not done anything on the scale of a block of flats!! I’m hoping to sneak out to Homebase this week, although Mr J came home from the car boot with a brand new stand for £2 today- he was v. proud of himself.

  • Love the first picture!! looks so happy and having so much fun! Love the last one too! peek a boo!

    Guess its good both do’s are at the same venue…you don’t have to miss out on one!

  • Enjoying the weekly blog, it’s good to catch up on what my daughter and grandsons have been doing for the week!!
    Glad to see Jenson getting some of the limelight now Burton is at school!! He is very photogenic just like his Mum always was!!
    Well done Burton on the block of flats, very original!
    Please stop mentioning the C word it’s too scary, let’s at least enjoy October first! xxxx

  • I was wondering what Jenson had on in the dressing up picture! My oldest boy also liked dressing up and made a bee line for the ladies clothes..all part of growing up!

  • The Christmas one made me smile as I had a similar reaction from A this week when we saw some Christmas displays. I was very unenthusiastic, but A wanted to buy everything! I love the zip wire shot, he looks so happy.

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