My Week That Was #40 (Project 365)

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Making A Splash! (230/365)
After School Swing 2131/365)
Playing Conkers (232/365)
Doctors Waiting Room (233/365)
Selfie Of The Three Of Us (234/365)
Peppa Pig Ice Cream (235/365)
Stone Throwing (236/365)

Sunday – we went to my Mum’s for a delicious roast chicken dinner followed by homemade crumble! Yum !  Afterwards feeling very full, we went for a walk and found lots of signs of Autumn like leaves and acorns and Jenson had a paddle in the river. Jenson stayed at Mum’s tonight.

Monday – was Burton’s harvest festival at school and despite him having practised his song complete with actions all weekend and all last week (Big Red Combine Harvester) when it came to it he went all shy and almost cried! After school I took him to the park. Jenson came home at tea time – having slept in until 10am this morning at Mum’s – this NEVER happens at home.

Tuesday – after school tonight Daddy and I decided to let the boys have a go at playing conkers. It was very funny watching Jenson try his hardest to hit the hanging conker – and almost give Burton a conker klout!! Burton got the hang of it quickly though.

Wednesday – I took Burton to a soft play centre this morning. After collecting Burton from school, Jenson had to go to the flu clinic for an influenza nasal spray, he was such a good boy.

Thursday – Jenson and I popped over to see Granma after dropping Burton off. When we returned home we did some baking this morning. After school the boys and I went to a friend of Burton’s (from his class) house to play for a couple of hours before going home for tea. This is a photo I took for Burton’s homework ‘Home Sweet Home’ project which has to be handed in tomorrow.

Friday – After the school run, Jenson and I did some tidying up so a treat he was allowed a Peppa Pig ice cream for pudding – he loves ice cream! After lunch I took him into town as I needed some tights. To be honest I don’t take the boys into town much but he was so good for the hour we were looking around the shops.

Saturday – what a beautiful day it has been! It was swimming this morning and Burton’s first Stage 2 lesson. After a morning of mooching around at home. after lunch I took the boys to the park with their scooters for some fresh air in the sunshine. It was so warm we didnt need coats. Here is a photo of Burton trying to throw a stone into the river.

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