How Things Have Changed

Next year I celebrate a very BIG birthday – no not my 50th (thank goodness!) and sadly not my 21st or even my 30th – the ‘other’ one!


My friends are of course in the same boat as me, and mine is not until next year whereas a couple of them start the next decade of their lives very soon. One of which is this Saturday when she is having a birthday bash that we have all been invited too.

When we all celebrated our 30th birthdays, myself and my two of my best friends from school went to Paris for a long weekend which was great fun. When we returned home we had the great idea of deciding that for our 40th birthdays, we would love to go to New York for a long weekend with our other friend too. At the time we were all fans of Sex and the City so to venture across the Atlantic to have a fabulous weekend of cocktails and wearing LBD’s (little black dresses) was our plan. We envisaged ourselves wining and dining in classy New York restuarants, taking a pony and cart ride through Central Park and visiting lots of boutiques to try on some beautiful designer clothes.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

Knowing that a trip such as this would cost a bit, we said that we would need to start saving up as soon as possible and aim to put away as much as we could afford into a joint savings account so that ten years later we would have enough to maybe pay for the flights or the accommodation or both if we were lucky. At the time this seemed like a perfect plan for a perfect getaway for a perfect way to celebrate us all turning 40.

Sadly, 10 years on we are not going to New York for a girly SATC style weekend. Career changes, babies and life has got in the way and money was not saved and now here we are with not the funds to make such a trip possible, sadly. How things have chnaged!

However, all is not lost as we have still planned a girly weekend away. It might not be in the Big Apple, it will be in Bristol, but it will still be 2 nights away just the four of us for lots of giggling and fun and maybe some cocktails thrown in for good measure!37169_10150302231650301_6667314_n(three of us 10 years ago)


Disclaimer: This post was written on behalf of Avenue 32

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  1. New York would be great but 2 nights away with your best friends?! That still sounds fabulous! It doesn’t really matter (much) where you are as long as you are in the right company 🙂

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