My Week That Was #39 (Project 365)

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Down The Green Tunnel (264/365)
Opening Mummy’s Car (265/365)
Shiny New Conker (266/365)
Solo Bouncing (267/365)
New Car (268/365)
Balancing (269/365)
129 …. No! 130 Conkers (270/365)

Sunday – I was woken up at 6.30am (thanks Boys!) following my night out on a hen night and did not feel great it has to be said. My head did not stop hurting til 12pm! Hence, I did not do as much today as I would have liked. However, this afternoon we took the boys to a birthday party at a nearby sot play/adventure park which was good fun and as soon as his head touched the pillow when we got home, Burton fell fast alseep.

Monday – Burton’s second week of school started and Jenson and I went to playgroup in the morning and played at home afterwards. Here is Jenson opening my car for me after playgroup. Burton was awarded a sticker at school today for his singing!

Tuesday – my online groceries arrived this morning which Jenson enjoyed helping me to put away and at last our fridge and cupboards are full again ! The conkers that we brought home last week were ready to be opened so Jenson did a couple and left the remaining ones for Burton to do. My Mum and Step Dad popped over this afternoon so we took Shadow for a walk and then we all went to meet Burton from school as a surprise.

Wednesday – Jenson and I did some baking this morning and this afternoon we played in the garden and he had the trampoline to himself to bounce on.

Thursday – we have a new car! The old one which OH had broke down again last week so we have decided it is time for a replacement. He collected it last last night so this morning we were all out inspecting it by 7am! After school today the boys and I went to see a friend of Burton’s from Ladybirds called Charlotte ( who is not four until next month so she was not able to start school at the same time as Burton). The children had great fun playing with her toys and dressing up!

Friday – a beautiful day today. Jenson and I played in the garden quite a bit. Tonight after tea as it was still so nice and it forecasts rain tomorrow, we took the boys to the park to go conker picking which was such fun! We filled our basket right up and we were the only ones there so we found a lot! Afterwards we popped into the playground to make the most of the warm and sunny evening and the boys enjoyed balancing on this bar. We got home just as the sun was setting –  perfect 🙂

Saturday – Daddy and Burton counted all the conkers that we found last night and Burton managed to count to 69 before he got a bit confused, but with Daddy’s help we discovered there were 129! Not liking the fact that it was an odd number I searched around the house and found one under Burton’s pillow of all places to that made an even 130! LOL! Today was a wet one and we went swimming this morning where Burton got his Stage 1 certificate 🙂 This afternoon Burton and I did some of his homework project work and then we visited his cousin whose birthday it is. Tonight Burton is having a sleepover at Granma’s with his cousin Ben.

And that was it another week gone and it has to be said Burton’s 2nd week at school has flown by! x

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