My Week That Was #38 (Project 365)

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Holding My Hand (257/365)
Burton’s First Day At School (258/365)
Play Dough In The Sunshine (259/365)
Taking A Break (260/365)
A Blustery Walkย To School (261/365)
Wall Walking (262/365)
Follow The Leader (263/365)

**This is later being posted as I went out on a hen night last night – my first girls night out drinking in over 3 years!!! My head hasnt long stopped hurting lol!! **

Sunday – an emotional day for me as it was the day before Burton was due to start school. We took him and Jenson to soft play as it was wet. Tonight Burton asked to hold my hand as he went to sleep

Monday – was Burton’s first day at school! Cue another emotional day for me! ย He took it all in his stride though and was excited to be going and happily stayed when we dropped him off. Doesn’t he look handsome in his uniform?

Tuesday -Jenson loves playing with the play dough even if he does get it everywhere! We had some friends pop over today so we were kept busy until it was time to collect Burton

Wednesday – it is nice having some time going out for a walk with just the one boy! Jenson and I walked to the park and picked some blackberries and went walking through the crunchy leaves. Here he is having a little pit stop.

Thursday – it was a windy walk to the school this morning (walking from the car that is, . we live too far away to walk which is a shame). Notice how Jenson has brought his bag with his monkey inside along on the school walk!

Friday – Jenson and I went on another trek to the park and all the way to the playground, and he liked walking along this wall. I think he looks like he is walking along a catwalk!!

Saturday – swimming this morning and then it was a bit wet so we came home and played. This afternoon I took the boys out along our road on their bikes in the drizzle.

And that was my first week with Burton as a school boy – more on thsi to follow ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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13 thoughts on “My Week That Was #38 (Project 365)

  1. a huge step, first day at school. It is nice to get one child on their own, they can become individuals better. I thought monkey was a bowling ball in the bag. why do children have to walk on walls??? whats wrong with a pavement, but they all do it.

  2. Aw I love the hand holding photo, so sweet. It is weird when you are suddenly left with one child but I find the school day flies by. I’m glad he has been okay though as it makes life so much easier for you.

  3. Awww such a sweet photo him holding your hand. Glad he took it all his stride though…I think its us that are emotional wrecks rather than the kids when they go to school.

    Hope Jenson didn’t miss his brother too much!

  4. I might just have had a little tear. There is a change in our 365 photos now, more noticeable to me in yours because of seeing Jenson on his own in a few. When did our boys get so big?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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