My Week That Was #37 (Project 365)

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Trolley Dollies (251/365)
First Big Boy Haircut (252/365)
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First School Shoes (254/365)
Where’s The Bubble Bath Gone? (255/365)
View From His Bike (256/365)

Sunday – After a wet day of me baking and the boys running a riot around the house , bored from not being able to go on the trampoline, we went to thier Granma’s for roast dinner. Before it was ready the boys played outside in the muddy puddles and then took themselves off to look over this gate. I really love this photo.

Monday – I took Burton to the playgroup that Jenson and I normally attend when he is at Ladybirds. This afternoon we did some food shopping and normally Burton walks bext to the trolley but I found one with two seats in and he insisted on sitting next to Jenson.  Lol I don’t think Jenson was too impressed by this!

Tuesday – this morning we had a visit from a (new) mobile hairdresser, something we have not had before. She cut both boys hair but it was Jenson’s first big boy haircut as previously I have trimmed his hair. He was so good and sat ever so still. This afternoon we had a visit from Burton’s new teacher who seems very lovely.

Wednesday – I took the boys to soft play this morning to meet some friends but unfortunately Burton was a bit full of the ‘fours’ shall we say! Nedless to say we ended up coming home sooner than I had planned and he had to go to his bed for a bit! This afternoon we played with the toys.

Thursday – Granma popped over for lunch and then this afternoon I took the boys to get thier feet measured. Jenson’s feet have increased from a size 5 (pre summer) to a size 7 now! I also bought Burton his first pair of school shoes *sighs* not long now!

Friday -Daddy took the day off today as origina,ly we had planed to visit Legoland as we have some tickets. However, due to Burton being  abit of a bu**er this week in terms of this behaviour coupled with him already being tired and not wanting to knacker him out for school on Monday, we didnt go. So we had a lazy morning of watching a movie (we had been up since 6am mind you!) and then we had lunch out and then Burton and Daddy went swimming and Burton swam 25m unaided in the deep end! The photo is a bath one as I realised I hadn’t taken a photo all day!

Saturday – swimming lesson for Burton this morning and he is going to be moved up to stage 2 in a couple of weeks time. Daddy and Jenson also had a swim. Afterwards I popped to Tesco and then my Mum and Step Dad came for lunch . This afternoon we went to the park with the bikes for the boys and we also went to the playground. It was a lovely warm day with lots of sunshine – hurrah! Best day weatherwise in over a week.

And that was my week that was – my last one before Burton starts school. *sobs* Next week it is all change x

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